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The tasks of the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology (HMM) of the Medical University of Innsbruck comprise research, teaching, laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases, environmental and hospital hygiene as well as technical hygiene.


The research activities cover three areas:

pfeil-klein.jpgBacteriology & Hospital Hygiene
pfeil-klein.jpgMycology (as a focus)

The HMM seeks to prevent illness and death from targeted infectious disease threats through research and the translation of scientific information into real-world, practical applications, policies, and solutions.


Lectures are primarily addressed to students of human and dental medicine as well as to students of the PhD Studies of Medical Sciences and Clinical Medical Sciences of the Medical University of Innsbruck and of Human Biology, Biology, and Pharmacy of the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck. Additionally, we are involved in the performing of lectures for health professionals others than medical doctors and co-operate in post-educational courses in public health.

Microbiological diagnostics, hospital hygiene and technical hygiene

The Institute HMM fulfils its tasks in detection and identification of pathogens causing infections. This covers bacteriology, parasitology, mycobacteriology and mycology. The diagnostic laboratories are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Special parts are controlled by external audits in accordance to §67 Austrian Medicines Law and FDA, Division of Manufacturing and Product Quality. Within the sector of hospital hygiene and technical hygiene guidelines for the prevention of infectious diseases are developed and technical facilities are controlled.

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Susanne Rofner

Tel:  +43 (0)512 9003-70703
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