The University Act of 2002 stipulates the duties of the senate. The senate has the following main duties:

  • Enact and amend the statutes upon proposal of the rectorate
  • Approve the draft development plan and organisation plan compiled by the rectorate
  • Approve the advertisement for the post of rector
  • Propose to the university council three candidates for the post of rector
  • Participate in procedures for the dismissal of members of the university council
  • Participate in procedures for postdoctoral lecturing qualification ("habilitation")
  • Participate in procedures for the appointment of professors
  • Enact and amend curricula for degree programmes and university courses
  • Hear appeals on matters relating to studies
  • Enact directives on the activities of collegial bodies
  • Establish a working group on gender mainstreaming
  • Nominate one female and one male member of the arbitration committee

Complete list of duties and membership requirements (in German only; link to §25 Universitätsgesetz 2002 at BMWF).

Chairman Senate: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gert Mayer

Detailed information: PDF IconCV Prof. Gert Mayer

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