We are thrilled to welcome Benjamin Natha in our research group! He will be focusing on diagnostic branch of our lab, and we are eagerly anticipating the valuable contributions he will bring to the team.


It was great to see multiple team members participated in the Innsbruck PhD life science meeting from 03.-05.04.2024!
Thanks to Yvonne Wohlfarter and Jessica Popottnigg for delivering a talk, while Viktorija and Nina presented their research in form of posters.


We are extremely happy to welcome Janik Kokot, who brings his expertise in theoretical chemistry now embarks on his PhD journey in the field of life sciences within our team.
All the best for the upcoming months and years within our group, Janik!


Hard to believe how quickly 2023 flew by, but we're grateful for the opportunity to gather once again for our annual Christmas party. We enjoyed delightful mulled wine and cookies, and it was a special treat to have our former team member Gregor Ömer and his family join us.
We look forward to 2024 to keep the productive work going!


It was a pleasure for a part of our team to attend the engaging and delightful ICBL 2023 conference in Palma de Mallorca from 02.-06.10.2023. We seized the opportunity to share our latest results with the lipid community and, in turn, found inspiration in the fascinating projects presented by fellow scientists. We are looking forward to next years ICBL conference in Taiwain!


Markus and Jakob joined the International Plasmalogen Society Meeting in September 2023. This gathering of international experts in ether lipid and plasmalogen metabolism and physiology was a remarkable and inspiring event. We look forward to the next event in this series!


In the heart of Berchtesgaden, our team embarked on an inspiring lab retreat in 2023, situated directly next to the beautiful Hintersee lake. It was the perfect place to fuel our projects and strengthen our team with different activities, including an amazing hike and a raft-building workshop!


In August, our PhD-student Jakob Koch attended the 8th Lipidomics Forum in Vienna lasting from 27.-30.08.2023. A core focus of the meeting was clinical lipidomics and method development. Jakob presented a poster with data on the reliable discrimination between ether lipids and plasmalogens utilizing the trapped ion mobility technology.


We are very happy to see that several group members presented their research projects at the PhD-Life-Science Meeting 2023 in the CCB Innsbruck.
Jan held a talk, while Jakob and Viktorija presented posters!


We are excited to welcome Nina Weidacher, an analytical chemist, to our team as a PhD student. We are looking forward to the valuable contributions she will bring to our team!


This year we celebrated our traditional Christmas party once again with plenty of mulled wine, a variety of delicious dishes, and lovely croatian antipasti (thanks to Viktorjia). A great conclusion to a successful year!


The latest addition to our lab – the Thermo ScientificTm Vanquish Flex including fraction collector. There are a great variety of new experimental possibilities that we would like to explore now. Cannot wait to get started.


We are delighted to announce the publication of our research on the promiscuous nature of HSD10 in the journal Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences entitled "Lost in promiscuity - An evolutionary and biochemical evaluation of HSD10 function in cardiolipin metabolism" with Yvonne Wohlfarter as a first author: 10.1007/s00018-022-04579-6


Our PhD-student Jan Cremer attended this year’s SSIEM2022 conference in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany from 30.08.-02.09. On his poster, Jan presented his work on matrix effects encountered when working with dried blood spots. This really was a perfectly organized conference with people from all around the globe, where it was hard to decide which of the parallel talks to visit.


On the 17th of June, the whole team came packed up to the institute, as we were leaving to Obergurgl for our lab retreat. After enjoying an initial round of perfect Bavarian beer, we started with talks and workshops. As wonderful and informative as the presentations were, the beautiful weather tempted us to venture outside. We took advantage of it by going on a longer hike and admiring the breathtaking landscape.


We are excited to share that Viktorija Juric from Croatia will be joining our team as a PhD student. We are looking forward to her contributions in the field of LC-MS Lipidomics.


Happy to present our review exploring the challenges of “Interpreting phospholipid and cardiolipin profiles in rare mitochondrial diseases” in Current Opinion in Systems Biology. 

Great collaboration with Alexandra Lusser and her team! Was an honor to be able to contribute to their study “CHD1 controls H3.3 incorporation in adult brain chromatin to maintain metabolic homeostasis and normal lifespan” in Cell Reports.

We congratulate Yvonne for being awarded with the Prize for the Best Scientific Talk at the 13th Annual Meeting of the ÖGMBT.


A highly interesting and very successful visit of Jakob to the 1st International Lipidomics Society and 7th Lipidomics Forum in Regensburg. We are proud that Jakob received the Best Presentation Award sponsored by Lipotype


Very glad to make a contribution to the recent Barth Syndrome special issue in Journal of Inherited Metabolic Diseases: “The lipid environment modulates cardiolipin and phospholipid constitution in wild type and tafazzin‐deficient cells”.

Check out our latest work on the interplay between the lipid environment and mitochondrial membrane lipid architectures in cultured cells: “Fatty acyl availability modulates cardiolipin composition and alters mitochondrial function in HeLa cells”.


We welcome Jan as a PhD student in our lab how will be focussing on the development of novel LC-MS/MS approaches. We are excited to have you join our team!

Recently, we could contribute to a great collaborative effort in constructing “A time-resolved proteomic and prognostic map of COVID-19", which is now published in Cell Systems.


Glad to have our former bachelor student Rita return to our lab. She will start her PhD studies as part of the DOC.funds project “Cellular Basis of Diseases” in tandem supervision with the HepLab.


We are both happy (for him) and sad (for us), that our long term lab member Gregor is leaving us and found an exciting new job opportunity -- we wish him all the best for this new adventure!


FWF Project on “Lipid peroxidation as driver of mitochondrial cardiolipin remodeling” has been funded! We are delighted about the good news and can not wait to get started.

Extremely proud that Yvonne and Jakob were both able to secure one of the highly competitive DOC Fellowships form the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Yvonne will be working on “Studying the Role of Mitochondrial Located Enzymes in Cardiolipin Metabolism and Homeostasis” and Jakob will focus on “Studying the Role of Plasmalogens in Barth Syndrome”. Read more.


Daniel is joining our Lab and will be working on analyzing subcellular lipidomes! We are thrilled by his decision!


Check out our latest publication in Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease: “An international classification of inherited metabolic disorders (ICIMD)”. We present a new classification system for all 1500+ known inborn errors in metabolism. 

Happy to contribute to our collaborators publication “The emerging physiological role of AGMO 10 years after its gene identification”.


Kick-off of our FFG project together with Oroboros Instruments Innsbruck. Got two of their O2k-FluoRespirometer delivered to our lab today!


It was really great to contribute to Katharina Wimmers recent publication: “Constitutional mismatch repair deficiency is the differential diagnosis in 0.41% of NF1/SPRED1-mutation negative children suspected of sporadic neurofibromatosis type 1”. Also check out the following article.


We welcome Anna as a new master student in the Lab. She will be working on the characterization of mitochondrial physiology in disease models for inborn errors in metabolism.


A warm welcome to Tereza, who joined our lab as a technician. She already won our hearts with her starting cake :)

New infrastructure: We are excited about having our new timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer installed!

Our former master student Yvonne re-joined our team and enrolled as a PhD student! Welcome back!


Corona restrictions partly lifted, time for celebration! Two in a row: FWF and FFG grant!!
We celebrated by enjoying the first warm spring days after quarantine with home-brewed beer #Coronaedition


Happy to announce that we received an FWF standalone grant!

Gregor Ömer has defended his PhD thesis and graduated with distinction, we congratulate! And are pleased to announce that he is staying as a postdoctoral researcher.


What a pleasure to announce our bioRxiv submission: “Unequivocal mapping of molecular ether lipid species by LC-MS/MS in plasmalogen-deficient mice”

Together with our collaborators from the Institute of Biological Chemistry we published “TheTMEM189gene encodes plasmanylethanolamine desaturase which introduces the characteristic vinyl ether double bond into plasmalogens in PNAS.

Our collaborators from the Adolph Group published “Dietary lipids fuel GPX4-restricted enteritis resembling Crohn’s disease” in Nature Communications


The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) granted funding for industrial research and development to our lab and our industrial partner Oroboros Instruments!

Gregor and Jakob worked hard over the last 4 years to finally publish “Phospholipid Acyl Chain Diversity Controls the Tissue-Specific Assembly of Mitochondrial Cardiolipins” in Cell Reports

We contributed to a review of the Marx Lab. “Two small, cysteine-rich and cationic antifungal proteins from Penicillium chrysogenum: A comparative study of PAF and PAFB”, published in BBA – Biomembranes


Our collaborator M. Michel published “Targeted metabolomic analysis of serum phospholipid and acylcarnitine in the adult Fontan patient with a dominant left ventricle” focusing on lipid alterations in Fontan patients in Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease

Our manuscript “Fatty Acyl Availability Modulates Cardiolipin Composition and Alters Mitochondrial Function in HeLa Cells” went live on bioRxiv


The first Keller Lab dissertation by Gregor was just submitted for review.



Our annual after work sledging trip led to the Naviser Alm.


Gregor received the scientific research prize of the Austrian Society for Human Genetics. Congratulations!

Jakob went abroad for a week to try out a new MS data acquisition technique called “ScanningSWATH” in the Ralser Lab at The Francis Crick institute in London.

We had another famous Weißwurstfrühstück on our great roof terrace!


Jakob was awarded with a Diploma thesis award by the GÖCH for his master thesis.


Our PhD student Gregor arrived in Amsterdam for his EMBO research fellowship at the Translational Metabolism Lab of Riekelt Houtkooper at the Amsterdam Medical Center


We presented our research at the ASMS in Atlanta, Georgia, met awesome people and had fun discussing novelties in the world of mass spectrometry


As our PhD student Jakob is an enthusiastic sailor, he invited the lab on a sailing trip to Croatia.


Bringing science to the people at the ‘Lange Nacht der Forschung’ with building little ion traps with two spoons and a metal wire.


Our annual sledging trip brought us to the Lanser Alm above Innsbruck.


Jakob defended his excellent master thesis; we congratulate and are happy to announce that he will stay in our lab as a PhD student!


Gregor presented our research in a short talk at the SSIEM in Athens


Our two master students, Jakob and Marie build little ion traps with two spoons and a metal wire with visitors at the ‘Lange Nacht der Forschung’.