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Chromatin- and Epigenetics Laboratory

Associate Professor & Deputy Head

Alexandra Lusser

phone: +43/512/9003-70210
Group members

Chromatin Assembly and Remodeling

The way in which eukaryotic DNA is organized in chromatin has profound effects on all processes that direct DNA metabolism (such as transcription, replication, repair and recombination). Chromatin controls access to the DNA, and it harbors epigenetic information. We are interested to learn about the establishment, maintenance and modification of eukaryotic chromatin structure. We are approaching this question by studying the molecular mechanisms and biological context of ATP-dependent chromatin assembly and remodeling and of variant histone assembly.

Moreover, we investigate “epigenetic” mechanisms at the mRNA level. In particular, we are interested in mRNA base modifications, such a 5-methylcytosine, and their potential roles for mRNA metabolism and translation.

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