Alexandra Lusser Ph.D., Professor


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Short curriculum

1998  Ph.D. thesis, University of Innsbruck
2001-2004  Post-doctoral fellow, Section of Molecular Biology, University of California, San Diego, USA;
 Laboratory of Prof. J.T. Kadonaga
2004   Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Innsbruck Medical University
2008   Habilitation (Venia docendi) for Molecular Biology
since 2008  Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Innsbruck Medical University
since 2019  Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Innsbruck Medical University


1998  HOECHST Award 1997
2001  APART 3-year postdoctoral fellwoship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2005   START Prize (Ministry of Science and Research): 6-year grant for young investigators
2008-2016   Member of the Young Curia of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2009   Research Award from the “Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck”


Research fields

Chromatin remodeling and assembly; RNA modifications



From the online catalog of the Innsbruck Medical University (in German): Current lectures

From the online catalog of the University of Innsbruck (in German): Current lectures



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