MUI Scientist to watch

The Medical University of Innsbruck has initiated the programme “MUI Scientist to watch”, which aims to highlight outstanding research achievements. Every three months researchers from the Medical University of Innsbruck can submit their best work. From the submissions, an independent scientific committee will select the “MUI Scientist to watch”. Successful candidates will be portrayed on the homepage of the MUI with detailed information about their research.

Eligibility criteria:

Employees of the Medical University of Innsbruck are eligible to apply. Applications from young scientists (Master and PhD students, young postdocs and group leaders) are especially welcome but are not restricted to these groups. The MUI is committed to promote women and thus explicitly encourages applications from female scientists.

The following achievements will be rewarded:

First (or equal contribution*) authorship of a peer-reviewed publication with outstanding science published within the last 12 months
*In case of an equal contribution, all equally contributing MUI-based authors will be portrayed.

How to apply:

Applications must be submitted online via GAR 
Application deadlines are: 31 March, 30 June; 30 September and 31 December

Applications documents: (in English)

  1. PDF-file of the scientific work
  2. Short but succinct description of how the applicant(s) contributed to the work
  3. Agreement of the corresponding author (if different from the applicant)

For all questions concerning the application and organizational procedures contact the Servicecenter Research:
Abteilung Forschungsservice und Innovation

Selected scientists 

Victoria Klepsch
Oliver Schmidt
Francesca Finotello
Ambra Stefani
Stephanie zur Nedden
Judith Hagenbuchner
Alessandra Fanciulli
Verena Labi
Valentina Sladky
Clara Baldin
Martin Puhr