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“In your professional career, you need to be attentive to change and chance;
and when you see it coming, you should not hesitate, but act.”
Raimund Margreiter, Prof. Emeritus, Innsbrucker Transplantationspionier

Be part of organLife!

Share our vision and let’s break new ground.

organLife – Organ Regeneration Center of Excellence, Innsbruck is an ambitious project with a huge scope. The results of our work should not only be reported to experts, but also presented to the public. You will instantly experience the beginning of a new chapter in medicine.

Benefit from the image transfer the project can offer your company! Demonstrate your confidence in the future, your courage to abandon old doctrines. Let’s venture this journey together. It can be a blessing for many people. As a sponsor, your company will be associated with a medicinal revolution, which will change the lives of many people. Your support paves the way to positively influence the health of women, men and children. To give them quality of life. To give them life.

Be part of a medicinal revolution as a supporter and sponsor!
We have ambitious plans and are looking for partners who are ‘thinking big’ and wish to enable innovation. The organLife project offers a unique opportunity to position your company toward that direction. We are excited to enter a new chapter in medicine and advance patient care - together with you as a partner.