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OrganLife – Organ Regeneration Center of Excellence, Innsbruck aims to treat damaged and diseased organs with the help of the revolutionary technique of extra-corporeal machine perfusion. We believe that this will increase the overall organ survival rate and hence improve the patients’ well-being, quality of life and overall fitness.

OrganLife Innsbruck intends to fill an international pioneering role in the field of organ regeneration and therapy. The environment and infrastructure of the Medical University in Innsbruck allows us to plan the establishment of extracorporeal care and therapy for heart, lungs, livers and kidneys. By 2030, we further pursue to implement long-term storage of organs. This would allow for the idea of an organ bank to become reality. Organs from an organ bank could then become routinely available in case of organ damage or loss of function.

As a flagship project for the Medical University of Innsbruck & Tirol Kliniken we placed emphasis on organ replacement therapy, machine perfusion and ischemia/reperfusion research. The expertise gained over decades in these fields and the existing infrastructures are combined at the organ regeneration Center of excellence, Innsbruck to achieve a real breakthrough in organ treatment. The integrative work in the fields of organ transplantation, haemato-oncology (stem cell transplantation), nephrology, pediatrics, anesthesia, gastroenterology and hepatology, visceral- and thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, as well as stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine will be the key to success of our project.

Tyrol as the most desirable place of in the Alps to recover and regain health and vitality.

This ‘milestone project’ can ensure that an outstanding competence center will be located in Tyrol, which further strengthens and emphasizes the research capacity of this state. ‘Top-level’ medicine, research and technology, together with a touristic infrastructure that meets the highest expectations, and a breathtaking landscape offer the best conditions to further enrich the Living space 4.0 Tyrol.

Our brochures for download:

organLife A new Life for Organs - Organ Regeneration Center of Excellence (EN, *.pdf-Download)

organLife Ein neues Leben für Organe - Organ Regeneration Center of Excellence (DE, *.pdf-Download)