Ex vivo organ preservation and treatment represents an emerging field and a new era in modern medicine. Our team at the Organ Regeneration Center of Excellence, Innsbruck intends to treat marginal, diseased organs to enable patients a healthy and fulfilled life.

Pioneering a medical revolution

THE NEED: Severe organ disease and organ failure display acute life-threatening conditions in humans. The available therapeutic options are limited and include mechanical replacement with e.g. dialysis, or transplantation with a suitable donor organ. The long-term function of mechanical devices is limited, and the number of healthy organs suitable for transplantation even more so. Hence, many patients suffer and die due to organ failure.

THE FIX: The ability to treat organs outside the human body offers a novel solution for the treatment of marginal donor organs or even patient’s own organs.

THE AIM: A newly developed technique of machine perfusion allows to continuously perfuse organs with oxygenated blood exterior to the human body. This enables the preservation of organs and provides a platform for treatment under close-to-physiologic conditions. Our aim at the newly founded organLife – organ regeneration Center of excellence, Innsbruck is the targeted therapy of damaged organs in order to restore their functionality. This will help to overcome the severe organ shortage in transplantation but also enable treatment of disease-affected organs.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The expertise in transplantation, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine is united at the organLife center. Our lab, the team and the environment in Innsbruck offer ideal conditions to become international pioneers in this emerging field. As a flagship project of the Medical University of Innsbruck, we aim to be the first to establish the treatment of organs like the heart, liver and kidney.

Experience a revolution in medicine and be part of a novel chapter in medicine!

Stefan Schneeberger,
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Executive MBA (HSG), FEBS