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Berger, MM.; See, DM.; Redl, B.; Aymard, M.; Bruno, L.: Direct In-Situ Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain-Reaction For The Detection Of Enterovirus Genome In Liver-Tissues. 
PubMed: 9128862

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PubMed: 9023952

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PubMed: 9016950

Haas, H.; Angermayr, K.; Zadra, I.; Stoffler, G.: Overexpression Of Nreb, A New Gata Factor-Encoding Gene Of Penicillium-Chrysogenum, Leads To Repression Of The Nitrate Assimilatory Gene-Cluster. 
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PubMed: 9278412

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PubMed: 9427546

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PubMed: 9204905

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PubMed: 9309396

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CURRENT BIOLOGY. 1997; 7; 357-365. 
PubMed: 9197243


Bauer, A.; Mikulits, W.; Lagger, G.; Stengl, G.; Brosch, G.; Beug, H.: The Thyroid-Hormone Receptor Functions As A Ligand-Operated Developmental Switch Between Proliferation And Differentiation Of Erythroid Progenitors. 
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PubMed: 9687498

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PubMed: 9740720

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PubMed: 9468289

Redl, B.; Wojnar, P.; Ellemunter, H.; Feichtinger, H.: Identification Of A Lipocalin In Mucosal Glands Of The Human Tracheobronchial Tree And Its Enhanced Secretion In Cystic-Fibrosis. 
LABORATORY INVESTIGATION. 1998; 78; 1121-1129. 
PubMed: 9759656

Zhou, LW.; Haas, H.; Marzluf, GA.: Isolation And Characterization Of A New Gene, Sre, Which Encodes A Gata-Type Regulatory Protein That Controls Iron Transport In Neurospora-Crassa. 
PubMed: 9790585


Angermayr, K.; Parson, W.; Stoffler, G.; Haas, H.: Expression Of Atrc - Encoding A Novel Member Of The Atp Binding Cassette Transporter Family In Aspergillus-Nidulans - Is Sensitive To Cycloheximide. 
PubMed: 10036328

Cepica, S.; Schroffel, J.; Redl, B.; Rohrer, GA.: Linkage Mapping Of 2 Taqi Pcr-Rflps Within Intron-6 Of The Porcine Gene (Lcn1) Encoding Tear Llipocalin/Von Ebners Gland Protein. 
ANIMAL GENETICS. 1999; 30; 467-468. 
PubMed: 10612245

Cepica, S.; Yerle, M.; Stratil, A.; Schroffel, J.; Redl, B.: Regional Localization Of Porcine Myod1, Myf5, Lep, Ucp3 And Lcn1 Genes. 
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PubMed: 10612255

Doetzlhofer, A.; Rotheneder, H.; Lagger, G.; Koranda, M.; Kurtev, V.; Brosch, G.; Wintersberger, E.; Seiser, C.: Histone Deacetylase-1 Can Repress Transcription By Binding To Sp1. 
PubMed: 10409740

Graessle, S.; Grabher, G.; Gapp, G.; Preuss, E.; Datz, C.; Sandhofer, F.; Stoffler, G.: Immune-Response To Natural And Recombinant Antigens Of Helicobacter-Pylori In Patients With Dyspeptic Complaints. 
PubMed: 10534185

Haas, H.; Zadra, I.; Stoffler, G.; Angermayr, K.: The Aspergillus-Nidulans Gata Factor Srea Is Involved In Regulation Of Siderophore Biosynthesis And Control Of Iron Uptake. 
PubMed: 9988696

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Jung, M.; Brosch, G.; Kolle, D.; Scherf, H.; Gerhauser, C.; Loidl, P.: Amide Analogs Of Trichostatin-A As Inhibitors Of Histone Deacetylase And Inducers Of Terminal Cell-Differentiation. 
PubMed: 10579829

Jungblut, PR.; Grabher, G.; Stoffler, G.: Comprehensive Detection Of Immunorelevant Borrelia-Garinii Antigens By 2-Dimensional Electrophoresis. 
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PubMed: 10612288

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PubMed: 10451122

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BIOCHEMISTRY. 1999; 38; 6769-6773. 
PubMed: 10346897

Lusser, A.; Eberharter, A.; Loidl, A.; Goralik-Schramel, M.; Horngacher, M.; Haas, H.; Loidl, P.: Analysis Of The Histone Acetyltransferase-B Complex Of Maize Embryos. 
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PubMed: 10536152

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Redl, B.; Merschak, P.; Abt, B.; Wojnar, P.: Phage Display Reveals A Novel Interaction Of Human Tear Lipocalin And Thioredoxin Which Is Relevant For Ligand-Binding. 
FEBS LETTERS. 1999; 460; 182-186. 
PubMed: 10571084

Trojer, P.; Wojnar, P.; Merschak, P.; Redl, B.: Complement Component C8-Gamma Is Expressed In Human Fetal And Adult Kidney Independent Of C8-Alpha. 
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PubMed: 10100850


Berger, MM.; Kopp, N.; Vital, C.; Redl, B.; Aymard, M.; Lina, B.: Detection And Cellular-Localization Of Enterovirus Rna Sequences In Spinal-Cord Of Patients With Als. 
NEUROLOGY. 2000; 54; 20-25. 
PubMed: 10636120

Feng, B.; Haas, H.; Marzluf, GA.: Asd4, A New Cata Factor Of Neurospora-Crassa, Displays Sequence-Specific Dna-Binding And Functions In Ascus And Ascospore Development. 
BIOCHEMISTRY. 2000; 39; 11065-11073. 
PubMed: 10998244

Graessle, S.; Dangl, M.; Haas, H.; Mair, K.; Trojer, P.; Brandtner, EM.; Walton, JD.; Loidl, P.; Brosch, G.: Characterization Of 2 Putative Histone Deacetylase Genes From Aspergillus-Nidulans. 
PubMed: 11004483

Hoffmann, K.; Brosch, G.; Loidl, P.; Jung, M.: First Nonradioactive Assay For In-Vitro Screening Of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors. 
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PubMed: 10989838

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JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. 2000; 275; 40961-40966. 
PubMed: 11024051

Lechner, T.; Lusser, A.; Pipal, A.; Brosch, G.; Loidl, A.; Goralik-Schramel, M.; Sendra, R.; Wegener, S.; Walton, JD.; Loidl, P.: Rpd3-Type Histone Deacetylases In Maize Embryos. 
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PubMed: 10677216

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PubMed: 11094151

Redl, B.: Human Tear Lipocalin. 
PubMed: 11058765

Zadra, I.; Abt, B.; Parson, W.; Haas, H.: Xylp Promoter-Based Expression System And Its Use For Antisense Down-Regulation Of The Penicillium-Chrysogenum Nitrogen Regulator Nre. 
PubMed: 11055928


Baidyaroy, D.; Brosch, G.; Ahn, JH.; Graessle, S.; Wegener, S.; Tonukari, NJ.; Caballero, O.; Loidl, P.; Walton, JD.: A Gene-Related To Yeast Hos2 Histone Deacetylase Affects Extracellular Depolymerase Expression And Virulence In A Plant-Pathogenic Fungus. 
PLANT CELL. 2001; 13; 1609-1624. 
PubMed: 11449054

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PubMed: 11669622

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PubMed: 11405644

Oberegger, H.; Schoeser, M.; Zadra, I.; Abt, B.; Haas, H.: Srea Is Involved In Regulation Of Siderophore Biosynthesis, Utilization And Uptake In Aspergillus-Nidulans. 
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BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. 2001; 382; 1515-1520. 
PubMed: 11727836


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PubMed: 12377210

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PubMed: 11960489

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PubMed: 12406779

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PubMed: 11850445


Eisendle, M.; Oberegger, H.; Zadra, I.; Haas, H.: The Siderophore System Is Essential For Viability Of Aspergillus Nidulans: Functional Analysis Of Two Genes Encoding L-Ornithine N-5-Monooxygenase (Sida) And A Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase (Sidc). 
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PubMed: 14584932

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PubMed: 12570373

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