Admission to the PhD

Please submit the following documents to the Admissions Office in person:

  • form Application for Admission to the PhD/ Doctor of Philosophy
  • form Registration for a doctoral thesis
  • Reply over the award of an equal academic degree (original and copy)
  • Depending on the academic degree: Proof of the special university maturity (place at university proof where you finished your study)
  • Transcript (hour's proof)
  • Abstract of the Dissertation
  • Valid passport
  • Resume of your life (Curriculum Vitae)

All documents and transcripts issued by the foreign university must be translated if they are not in German or English. Please consider our guidelines regarding the authentication and translation of documents.

Your documents will be examined by an assistant in the Admissions Department. However, should additional verifications be necessary, the documents will be forwarded to the Vizerektor für Lehre und Studienangelegenheiten. In this case, the admission procedure will be prolonged.


  • Citizen from Austria and EU- citizen must submit there complete documents until 16.04 in the summer term and 16.11 in the winter term.
  • Non- EU and EWR citizen have to submit there complete documents until 05.02 in the summer term and 05.09 in the winter term.

Graduation from a foreign university

The general requirement for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program is the successful completion of a master's program or an equivalent degree program, as regards the duration and course structure, at a recognized Austrian or foreign post- secondary institution of education that offers the required professional background and preparation for entering the program.


Möglicher Erwerb von Vorleistungen für das Doktoratsstudium der medizinischen Wissenschaft (Doctor of Philosophy / PhD)

Festlegung des Vizerektors für Lehre und Studienangelegenheiten zur Genehmigung des Besuches von Lehrveranstaltungen als PDF

Ansuchen für Studierende als PDF

Bestätigung für Projektleiter als PDF