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Here you can find some additional useful information and links regarding the PhD study in general.

PhD study:

PhD survival guide (Almeida-Souza and Baets, EMBO reports (2012) 13, 189-192)

How to succeed in science (Yewdell, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (2008) 9, 413-416) 




Book Unwritten Rules Of Phd Research

 The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research - this is a book which we want to recommend to EVERY PhD student - it really helps to make a lot of things much more easier during your PhD study!!

 ISBN-10: 0335237029







How to make the most of events (Nature Jobs (2011) doi:10.1038/nj0347)


Scientific publishing:

The ethics of collaborative authorship (Jaime A Teixeira da Silva, EMBO reports (2011) 12, 889-893)


Scientific career:

And here you can find a lot of useful information regarding career in research:

Nature careers (from the journal Nature)

Science careers (from the journal Science)



Currently there are no job offers


Useful Links  

Doctorate Program - Innsbruck Medical University

Studienplattform - Allgemeine Informationen zu allen Studiengängen Österreichs

Fachschaft Medizin Innsbruck

Östereichischer Austauschdienst - Austrian Exchange Service

Österreichischer Wissenschaftsfonds - Austrian Science Fund

Doctoral Colleges at Innsbruck Medical University 

Förderungen - Funds

Brain Power Austria - Open Positions

Life Science - Open Positions

Helene Wastl Medizin Mentoring Programm



PhD Student representatives

Bettina Rass

Valentina Sladky

Sebastian Peer


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