Center for Rare Movement Disorders Innsbruck (CRMDI)

Full-member of the European Reference Network for Rare Neurological Diseases, National expert center for rare movement disorders

Management and Coordination

Ass. Prof. Dr. Sylvia Boesch MD MSc
Dr. Wolfgang Nachbauer MD PhD


At the center of the organization of the Centre for Rare Movement Disorders are core competencies backed by experts from the core team. The core team is flanked by existing on-site facilities that round out the diagnostic and therapeutic expertise at both the clinical and scientific levels. The cluster of experts, referred to as the "extended" interdisciplinary team, names important partners in the assignment of movement disorders, e.g. with non-neurological additional symptoms or genetic background. It also maps existing interdisciplinary forums at the site as well as the professional overlap in congenital or childhood movement disorders. The core competences are rounded off by organizational, nursing and physiotherapy teams, as well as social workers, all of whom are exclusively assigned to the Department of Neurology.

Core team rare movement disorders

Where we are located

University Hospital Innsbruck
Department of Neurology
Center for rare movement disorders
Frauen-Kopf-Klinik (Building No. 3), Ground Floor
Anichstrasse 35
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Site Map, University Hospital Innsbruck

Preparing your visit

In order for us to prepare for your visit, we kindly request you to send us following documents in advance:

  • A duplicate of your neurological and genetic findings
  • For hereditary movement disorders: a family tree, including dates of birth (if applicable: date of death) of first-degree relatives (Parents, siblings, and children)
  • If available: Findings and images of an MRI of the head and/or spine on CD ROM (you will receive them back at your outpatient clinic visit)

If possible, please send your documents beforehand
by mail to: Ass. Prof. Dr. Sylvia Boesch or Dr. Wolfgang Nachbauer, Innsbruck University Hospital, Department of Neurology, Anichstrasse 35, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
by fax to: +43 512 504 23880

To take with you for your visit:

  • Referral from a neurologist or family doctor
  • Medication plan
  • If applicable, further neurological, genetic or other relevant previous medical findings
  • MRI CDs

Additional information for your visit:

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can easily put on and take off for your visit to the outpatient clinic
  • Please bring your preferred walking aid for the examination, e.g. walking sticks, walker, etc.

Therapeutic spectrum

  • Diagnostic assignment of movement disorders of unclear type and cause
  • Advice and initiation of further diagnostic measures
  • Evaluation or counselling regarding further therapy concepts
  • Initiation of invasive therapy procedures such as the planning and implementation of deep brain stimulation (DBS), or the handling of drug pumps
  • Botulinum neurotoxin application
  • Detailed advice on non-medical treatment options such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy
  • Advice on assistive devices
  • Continuous care of patients with rare movement disorders in the out-patient clinic
  • Counselling of patients with movement disorders on innovative therapeutic approaches or clinical trials

Associated clinical facilities and consultation hours