Clinical trials in MSA


Mission statement

The early clinical differential diagnosis of atypical parkinsonian disorders including MSA is still challenging and misdiagnosis is common. Hence, further research is required to improve the early clinical differential diagnosis. We have contributed to a better understanding of the significance of autonomic and non-motor symptoms in atypical parkinsonian disorders which will improve the diagnostic accuracy in the longer term. Our second major contribution to science is to improve the laboratory-supported differential diagnosis of parkinsonism. Since clinical symptoms are often overlapping in early disease stages, additional investigations are inevitable to improve diagnostic accuracy. We have a particular research interest in neuroimaging and have generated a record of accomplished and productive research in this field. For clinical trials and other academic research as well as patient counselling it is important to accurately monitor symptom severity and disease progression. We contributed to this field by developing, improving and validating rating scales in movement disorders. In particular, MSA-specific rating scales have been a major research focus. A detailed understanding of the natural disease course is an integral part for the planning of future interventional trials in atypical parkinsonian disorders. We substantially contributed to studies aiming to thoroughly characterize the evolution of symptoms and the progression of disease-specific rating scales in MSA.


Dr. Florian Krismer

Priv.Doz. Dr. KRISMER Florian PhD

Team Leader

Dr. FANCIULLI Alessandra PhD

Prof. Dr. SEPPI Klaus

Dr. SIDOROFF Victoria

Prof. Dr. STEFANOVA Nadia PhD

Research topics

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