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  • All microscopes can be booked online according to our general rules.
    • High end microscopes may not be used for optimisation of staining procedures etc, checking the expression levels of GFP etc.

Usage dependent fees will be invoiced to the budget holders based on the online booking system.

  • Why do we have to pay fees?
    • Fees are required to cover direct and indirect costs of the microscopes.
    • Fees are subject to observation and revision by the rectorate of MUI.
 External Fee
M1: SP5  Leica  Startup/Shutdown, Documentation (pdf)

laser scanning confocal microscope

tandem scanner

incubation box

confocal imaging, live cell imaging, FRET, FRAP, Photoactivation, 3D imaging

 12 €/h 


CCB, Innrain 80-82, 1st floor, room 01.381

AxioPlan Zeiss   upright fluorescence microscope


(3 €/h) (6 €/h) CCB, Innrain 80-82, 1st floor, room 01.381
M5: Neurolucida MBF Bioscience  

neuron tracing and imaging microscope

labeling, imaging and tracing neurons in histological sections, online analysis

    Department of Pharmacology, Peter-Mayr-Str 1a, basement, 01, 61/62/63
M7: iMIC microscope Till  


User Manual

ocular-free microscope, spinning disc confocal, TIRF, FRAP live cell imaging, exclusively, TIRF, FRAP, Spinning Disc confocal and combinations thereof, incubation box, 2D-STORM. 10 €/h  16 €/h CCB, Innrain 80-82, 1st floor, room 01.381

M8: SP8 gSTED microscope

Leica   LSM, tandem scanner, gatedSTED, pulsed WLL superresolution, gSTED 0//16 €/h* --- CCB, Innrain 80-82, 1st floor, room 01.381

M9:DMi8 inverted widefield microscope

Leica   wide-field fluorescence, live cell imaging, high-precision automated stage, sCMOS camera multi position live cell fluorescence imaging, phase contrast, DIC, FRET  4 €/h**  8 €/h CCB, Innrain 80-82, 1st floor, room 01.381

Assisted use

    personal assistance, except introductions and short questions setup of complex experiments, new methods, the fee will apply in addition to the instrument fee 15 €/h 15 €/h upon request by email, booking system.

*) The SP8 gSTED will be available for free for the first 30 hours/department for both LFUI and MUI scientists in order to get familiar with the instrument. Thereafter the fee will be applied.

**) Rabate: 200 h/ 700 €  (long-term experiments)

+) Due to overload we can currently not provide any access to the SP5 for non-MUI resident scientists. This does also include LFUI-resident scientists; those are asked to use the SP8 instead.

 New prices 2017!!! (PriceList2017)


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