Institute of Neurobiochemistry

Head: Univ.Prof.Dr. Christine Bandtlow

Secretary: Hanife Akay, Tel.:+43-512-9003-70281, Fax.: +43-512-9003-73110

The Institute is home to several independent research groups, whose scientific interests cover the investigation of molecular, cellular, biochemical, circuit and systems aspects of

i) axon development and regeneration,

ii) basic processes or potential therapeutic interventions of ischemic stroke

iii) how neuronal networks drive decision-making in health and disease 

Moreover, the Institute runs a state-of-the art bioimaging core facility which provides access to instruments, technologies and services to researchers of the MUI and other research institutions.

The aim of all research groups is to transfer promising basic research results towards novel translational approaches for clinical practice. Research activities at the Institute are supported by continuous intra and extra mural funds (FWF), with some members of the Institute participating in network programs, such as the FWF-funded PhD program “Signal Processing in Neurons”. Academic staff members at the Institute of Neurobiochemistry are also highly engaged in teaching of diverse subjects and courses through all educational levels at the Medical University Innsbruck. Christine Bandtlow also began her tenure as Vice Dean for Research and International Relations in 2013 and was successfully reelected  in 2017 and 2020 respectively.

If you are interested to join one of our teams reach out to our Head Christine Bandtlow or directly to one of the research group leaders (see Staff).