Sektion für Neurobiochemie


Software support is offered at various levels from basic usage instructions to complex interactive and collaborative calculations (MATLAB).

The following image processing software is currently officially supported, any other software not on this list is NOT supported by the Biooptics.

  • Huygens Professional: commercial software for image deconvolution.
  • Fiji: an ImageJ package optimized for light microscopy, updates are simplified compared to the EMBL ImageJ package.
  • MATLAB: general data processing software (Campuslicense) for complex and semiautomated image calculations, data analysis (eg FRAP), etc... Contact me if interested.
  • CellProfiler: free open-source software designed to enable biologists without training in computer programming to quantitatively analyze 1000s of images automatically.
  • LASAF (for SP5 data): full version (6 licenses), please contact me for the license dongles (required!).
  • LASAF Lite (for SP5 data): download free version for SP5 image viewing and export.
  • Imaris: commercial software for 3D image analysis and processing.

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