Sektion für Neurobiochemie


On this page I will publish protocols for microscopy in pdf format.

SP8 gatedSTED microscope (SUPERRESOLUTION)

The gatedSTED technology is able to resolve much finer structures than traditional confocal laser scanning (such as the SP5).

It is therefore generally of great interest to resolve fine details such as dentritic spines, vesicles, cytoskeleton, nuclear pores, golgi, mitochondria etc.

Please contact the manager for further details and see below for some guidelines on sample preparation and data analysis.

Many of the protocols listed under "SP5 confocal microscope" are also applicable for the SP8, accordingly.

 Leica guidelines for gSTED 

Leica guide for sample preparation (08/2014)

 Deconvolution of gSTED images with Huygens


SP5 confocal microscope

Highly sensitive hybrid detectors (HyDs, 01/2013)

Huygens Deconvolution (& SP5)



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