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Welcome to the Kress Lab: Neurophysiology

The main research aim of the group is to understand the pathogenesis of neuropathic and neurogenic pain disorders. We explore interactions between the nervous system and the immune system occurring upon nerve injury. At present we are mainly interested in proinflammatory cytokines (interleukin 6, LIF OSM), and the effects they have on neuronal function. We focus on the regulation of ion channels of the TRP family (TRPV1, TRPA1) by signals originating from immune cells including microglia and the neurons themselves. As novel players, non-coding RNAs and their suitability as disease biomarkers or treatment strategies are assessed. The work is supported by FWF, EC (FP7), and intramural funding (MUI Start).


Current Projects

       ihgfdghc         EC-FP7 project ncRNAPain:  
Non-coding RNAs for personalised pain medicine (


FWF PhD programme SPIN:
Signal processing in neurons



P-28611: Neuroimmune interactions and the pathogenesis of chronic post-surgical pain (NIPPS)
P-25345: S1P and post-operative pain



Assessment of SNPs in MRE-harbouring pseudogenes associated with neuropsychiatric disorders