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The major task of the Institute of Physiology is the study and teaching of human physiology. Physiology aims to understand how organisms survive and function. This is a challenging subject dealing with physical and chemical factors that are responsible for the origin, development and progression of life.

The study of physiology includes the understanding of the workings of a given cell and its interaction with the cellular environment, through to the complex interaction of different cell types in tissues and organs and the interaction of these organ systems which are critical for the maintenance of whole body homeostasis and life. By understanding the normal function of organisms and their parts, we can better understand the processes that occur when these systems go awry in disease states.


Research Focus

Our major research focus at the Institute of Physiology, Innsbruck, is nociception, calcium signalling, cell membranes and renal and alveolar epithelial physiology. 

We employ a wide range of techniques including



 Pfeil_Richtung_Icon cell culture

 Pfeil_Richtung_Icon imaging

 Pfeil_Richtung_Icon gene

 Pfeil_Richtung_Icon protein expression

 Pfeil_Richtung_Icon electrophysiology









More details can be found in the individual research groups links.