Persons granted equal status

Applicants in the following categories will be granted equal status:

  1. Persons enjoying privileges or immunities in Austria on the basis of the provisions of legislation or an international treaty; persons in the service of the Republic of Austria who, at the time of obtaining their school-leaving certificates, were resident in a country outside Austria, where they enjoyed privileges or immunities on the basis of the provisions of legislation or an international treaty; the spouses and children of such persons. Evidence: Authorization card issued by the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

  2. Foreign journalists accredited in Austria, for whom Austria is the principal country of work; the spouses and children of such journalists. Evidence: Certificate of accreditation.

  3. Persons for whom Austria has represented the focus of their life and interests for a period of at least five consecutive years immediately prior to their application for admission, or having at least one legal dependent (parent, husband/wife) for whom such is the case. Evidence: proof of employment or extract from the records of the Austrian Area Health Insurance Agency (Österreichische Gebietskrankenkasse) for the five consecutive years prior to application for admission, including certificate of registration (Meldebestätigung); for persons who pay maintenance for the applicant: birth certificate and/or marriage certificate.

  4. Persons who have been awarded a scholarship for the program which is the subject of their application, either on the basis of the provisions of an international treaty or, to the same amount, from those funds of an Austrian local Medizinische Universität Innsbruck Abteilung für Lehre und Studienangelegenheiten, Schöpfstraße 45, 6020 Innsbruck Tel.: 0512/9003-70051, Fax: 0512/9003-73042 or provincial authority which under the financial regulations of that authority are assigned explicitly for scholarships. Evidence: Proof of scholarship.

  5. Persons in possession of a school-leaving certificate of an Austrian school abroad, including: St. Georgs-Kolleg in Istanbul, Instituto Austriaco Guatemalteco in Guatemala City, Austrian schools in Budapest and Prague, Gymnázium Bilikova in Bratislava, Obchodná akadémia in Bratislava, Gymnasium Dr. Karla Polsneho in Znojmo, Kossuth Lajos Gymnázium in Mosonmagyaróvár, Petöfi Sándor Gymnázium in Mezoberény.

  6. Persons entitled to reside in Austria under the terms of the Austrian Asylum Act. Evidence: Certificate/Identity card indicating the status of the refugee according to the Geneva Convention.

  7. Persons with secondary school leaving certificate issued by German or Ladin schools in South Tyrol/Italy.

The documents proving equal status must be submitted together with the application for admission.

Applicants are not entitled to a compensation of costs related to their application for admission.