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Welcome to the PhD Graduate Degree Program in Molecular Cell Biology

The cell is the basic building block of life. It is capable to live and multiply independently, while at the same time each cell contains all the information necessary to specialize and perform a multitude of tasks in complex organisms. Molecular cell biologists at the Medical University Innsbruck use state-of-the-art techniques and animal models to study a wide range of cell functions with a strong emphasis of intracellular signaling mechanisms and the pathophysiology of human disease.

The goal of the “Molecular Cell Biology” doctoral program is to equip young researchers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to pursue an independent scientific career in the basic and applied bio-medical sciences.

The “Molecular Cell Biology” program offers a well thought-out system of lectures and hands-on laboratory courses to train doctoral students in current concepts and up-to-date approaches of molecular cell biology. Peer-reviewed research projects, dedicated supervision by a three-member thesis committee and a lively seminar program create a stimulating research environment, conducive for the successful pursuit of a doctoral thesis.