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Welcome to the Homepage of the PhD Graduate Programme
“Infectious diseases: molecular mechanisms (INF-DIS)”

The programme "Infectious Diseases-Molecular Mechanisms" coordinates all doctoral studies dealing with infectious diseases, both in clinical and pre-clinical institutes at Innsbruck Medical University.

It is envisaged to teach the students in basics of medical microbiology (virology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology) and immunology with particular emphasis on host-pathogen-relationships, especially at the molecular level: “Medics should learn science & scientists should learn medicine!” This perfectly fits into the 'Centre of Excellence (Schwerpunkt)' "Infectiology & Immunity". The Core Courses of the programme are taught on an annual basis (i.e. once a year), so that most of these courses can be taken during the first year.

The student has enough choice, but following the easy schedule he/she will automatically fulfil all necessary requirements for the programme (e.g. the minimum hours in each category).