Omar Torres-Quesada, Ph.D.

Research focus

My research interest is focused in:

  1. Molecular mechanisms which operate in regulation of molecular interactions (RNA:protein, protein:protein, small-molecule:protein interactions) and their role in deregulated cell signaling pathways (i.e. cancer and neurodegenerative diseases).
  2. Profiling and targeting using kinase inhibitors of metabolic and mitochondrial functions in cancer cell models.
  3. Effect of key cellular regulators (kinases, micropeptides) on relevant human diseases (i.e. cancer and neurodegeneration).

Main areas of research: Cell Signal Transduction, Mitochondrial physiology, Drug profiling, Molecular Interactions, Cancer Molecular Biology, Cancer Physiology, Biotechnology, RNA Biology.

Selcted publications

Feichtner A, Enzler F, Kugler V, Hoppe K, Mair S, Kremser L, Lindner H, Huber RG, Stelzl U, Stefan E*, and Torres-Quesada O*. Phosphorylation of the compartmentalized PKA substrate TAF15 regulates RNA:Protein interactions. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 81, 162 (2024)

Torres-Quesada, O.*, Doerrier, C., Strich, S., Gnaiger, E., and Stefan, E.* Physiological Cell Culture Media Tune Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Drug Sensitivity in Cancer Cell Models. Cancers, 14(16), 3917. (2022).

Torres-Quesada, O.*, Strich, S. and Stefan, E.* Kinase perturbations redirect mitochondrial function. Bioenergetics Communications, 2022.13. (2022).

Mayrhofer, J. E., Enzler, F., Feichtner, A., Röck, R., Fleischmann, J., Raffeiner, A., Tschaikner, P., Ogris, E., Huber, R. G., Hartl, M., Schneider, R., Troppmair, J., Torres-Quesada, O.*, and Stefan, E.* Mutation-oriented profiling of autoinhibitory kinase conformations predicts RAF inhibitor efficacies. PNAS, 117(49), 31105-31113. (2020).

*Communicating author

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  • FFG Bridge ‘MitoKin’ (2020-2023)
  • Österreichische Krebs Hilfe Tirol (ÖKT) (2017-2019)
  • Nachwuchsförderung der Universität Innsbruck (2018-2020)
  • Tyrolean Research Funds (TWF) (2017-2019)