Johann Hofmann, Ph.D., Retired

Innsbruck Medical University, Biocenter, Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Innrain 80-82, A-6020 Innsbruck


Phone +43-(0)512-9003-70130 Fax +43-(0)512-9003-73130

Research Areas

  • Investigations into the function of unknown genes or ESTs regulated by PKCepsilon.
  • Development of antagonists of PKCepsilon by interference between PKCepsilon and RACK2
  • Investigations into the mechanism of action of novel bicyclic hydrazones with antitumor activity.


Previously completed Ph. D. or Master Theseses

  • Eva Margreiter: Thiosemicarbazone-Derivatives as Potential Antitumor Drugs, 2004
  • Andrea Nessler: The Influence of PKCe on Gene Expression, 2004
  • Astrid Wolf: Investigations into New Multidrug Resistance Reversing Compounds, 2005
  • Dorota Garczarczyk: Characterization of C6orf69, a Gene Modulated by Protein Kinase C epsilon, 2005
  • Florian Rechfeld: Investigations into PKCe-RACK2 interactions, 2008
  • Simone Stenico: Cloning and purification of RhoBTB3 and C6orf69, 2010
  • Doris Hinger: Investigations into PKCe-modulated genes, 2010