International Mobility

Erwin Schrödinger Fellowships for research abroad

The Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship Program is designed for young, highly qualified university graduates from Austria and is open to applicants from all disciplines.

The purpose of the program is to enable young Austrian scholars to work at research institutions abroad and to facilitate access to new areas of science as well as methods, procedures and techniques so that they can contribute to the development of their respective fields upon their return to Austria.

Grants are approved for a period of 10 to 24 months. Since 2009 it is also possible to apply for a return phase for a period of 6 to 12 months after return.

Lise Meitner Program for scholars from abroad

The Lise Meitner Program supports highly qualified scholars from abroad who can make a contribution to the advancement of science at an Austrian research institution.

The program is open to applicants from all disciplines.

The objective of the program is to enhance quality and know-how in Austria’s scientific community by supporting the establishment of international contacts.

Grants are approved for a period of 12 to 24 months.

Translational Brainpower visiting scholars program

As an extension of the Translational Research Program (TRP), the Translational Brainpower initiative makes it possible to integrate scholars from abroad into the Austrian research landscape.

The objective of this program is to support the high-level integration of outstanding scholars from abroad into Austrian research projects at the interface between basic and applied research.

In the course of the program, each scholar spends nine months (within a project duration of three years) working with a partner and leading a research group at an Austrian research institution.

The scholars remain based at the research institution abroad so that members of the Austrian research group can also work there for a certain period of time.