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DATAETHICS summer school 2022
DATAETHICS summer school 04 - 08 July 2022: “Big Data, Big Implications: Data Protection in Biomedicine". Hosted at the University of Barcelona, Spain followed by a short virtual collaboration on a flexible schedule
Application until 07 June 2022, 17.00 (CET).

Theme Summary
Due to the increasing importance of the exploitation of Data in health and in order to unleash the full potential of health data, an establishment of the European Health Data Space is being discussed.
Some new concepts challenge our existing ethical and regulatory framework including the exploitation of medical records, the use of research data, the introduction of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Patient’s data are used and reused for many different purposes and common concepts as informed consent, control and ethical oversight, require revision.
While the development of safe spaces to use data for health is of fundamental importance for the European Union, the new data science and AI technologies raise some issues regarding their ethical, societal and legal implications that need to be addressed. These include issues concerning fair access, control, privacy, transparency, security, accountability and justice.
This Summer School will offer a unique set of lectures and activities enabling participants to familiarize themselves with the value chain of ethical, social and legal considerations in the field of Biomedical Big Data (BBD) driven developments.

Required documents: Electronic Application Form, CV and Motivation Letter (minimum 200-300 words explaining the predicted impact of the participation on the Candidate’s academic/professional career).
Candidates should complete the Application Form and together with the annexed documents, submit the application following the guidelines indicated in the online form.
Deadline for Applications: 17:00 Central European Time (CET) on Tuesday,
7 June 2022

All applicants will be notified on the selection results by 15 June 2022 through personalized email notification
Further information:

Contact persons at the MUI:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Schwarzer  
ao. Gabriele Werner-Felmayer