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Newsletter Research; 15 April 2021


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IECT – Summer School on Entrepreneurship 2021
In cooperation with University of Cambridge and the European Forum Alpbach
Target group: Master and PhD students, post-docs and researchers from the fields of technology, science, advanced engineering, life science, physics, mathematics, IT and AI as well as early-stage start-ups with technology or science projects.
When: 16 – 25 August 2021
Further information and registration: and
Application deadline: 21 June 2021

Online Training
Fit4Funding - Your training on EU funding by FFG Academy
Target group: junior scientists from universities, research organisations and companies
When: 25 May 2021, 09:30 h - 30 June 2021, 10:30 h
Further information and registration:

New ad-hoc Horizon Europe calls on the coronavirus
The European Commission published a new Horizon Europe "Call for Expression of Interest". There are 4 topics advertised in the “Health” and “Research Infrastructures” sub-programs with a total budget of EUR 123 million. The call will be opened on 13 April 2021.
Deadline: 06 May 2021
Calls Horizon Europe „Gesundheit“    
    - Cohorts united against COVID-19 variants of concern
    - Vaccines & therapeutic clinical trials to boost COVID-19 prevention and treatment
Calls Horizon Europe “Forschungsinfrastrukturen”
   - FAIR and open data sharing in support to European preparedness for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases       
   - Research infrastructure services for rapid research responses to COVID-19 and other infectious disease epidemics

Dr. Johannes und Hertha Tuba-Preis 2021
Award for (an) outstanding publication(s) in the field of ageing research.
Target group: scientists with a degree in human medicine or dental medicine and physicians working in ageing research.
Application deadline: 31 July 2021
Further information and online application:

Dr. Johannes und Hertha Tuba Forschungsförderung 2021
Target group: scientists with an outstanding project in the field of ageing research
Application deadline: 31 July 2021
Further information and online application:

Scholarship Dr. Johannes und Hertha Tuba Stiftung 2021
Target group: scientists with a degree in human medicine or dental medicine and physicians working in ageing research.
Application deadline: 31 July 2021
Further information:

ÖAW: DOC Fellowship Programme
Target group: highly qualified doctoral candidates in all areas of research
Deadline: 15 September 2021
Further information:

ÖAW: MAX KADE – USA Fellowships of the Max Kade Foundation
Target group: researchers from all research disciplines who wish to visit the USA for research purposes
Deadline: 15 June 2021
Further information:

Horizon Europe ERC Consolidator Grant
Target group: researchers of any nationality with 7-12 years of experience since completion of their PhD and a promising scientific track record are invited to hand in an excellent research proposal.
Deadline: 20 April 2021
Further information:

EIT, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Pilot Call 2021
Various topics are possible for the proposal
Target group: all researchers
Funding: 23 selected projects
First phase: EUR 400.000,00 (July 2021 till December 2021)
Second phase: EUR 800.000,00 (January 2022 till July 2023)
Duration for projects: 24 months
Opening of the call: 24 March 2021
Deadline: 25 May 2021
Further information:

Horizon Europe, Health Cluster, COVID-19 Call
Target group: all researchers
Two possible topics for proposals:
Support for the development of large scale, COVID19 cohorts and networks beyond Europe’s borders, forging links with European initiatives as a global response to the pandemic
Conduct of vaccine & therapeutic trials to boost prevention and further inform public health policy and clinical management
Opening of the call: 07 April 2021
Deadline: 06 May 2021
Contact: FFG, Ms. Astrid Hoebertz,

ÖGEpi Best Epidemiology Paper Award 2021
Target group: young researchers working in the field of Epidemiology, with special focus on COVID-19 research.
Deadline: 30 April 2021
Further information:

Elisabeth Lutz Preis 2021
The Elisabeth Lutz Award is given for outstanding applied research in the field of bio or life sciences, especially for new findings or innovative research approaches that could help develop new therapeutic methods.
Deadline: 15 May 2021
Further information:

ERA-Net QuantERA II Call 2021
Target group: researchers working in the field of quantum technologies
Deadline: 17 May 2021 (pre-proposals)
Further information:

ÖAW: JESH (Joint Excellence in Science & Humanities) Call for Applications 2021
Target group: young scholars and scientists with a maximum of 10 years of research experience following completion of their doctorate/PhD
Deadline: 20 May 2021
Further information:

Junior Research Award Südtirol / Alto Adige 2021
Target group: young researchers
Deadline: 31 July 2021, 15:00 h
Further information:

Herbert Stiller Research Grant 2021 – Research Grant for animal-free research
Target group: researchers working in the medical or biomedical field and located in Germany or other German-speaking countries are eligible to apply.
All methods and materials used within the project must be animal-free.
Deadline: 31 July 2021


You will be supported in the preparation of project proposals by
Maria Pérez (national programmes, FWF etc.), Tel: 0512/9003-70073, E-mail:
Wolfram Rieneck (international programmes, Cooperation programmes Business and Industry), Tel.: 0512/9003-70072,

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