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Rector, Offices of the Rector

Christoph-Probst-Platz 1, Innrain 52

ICT Department

Innrain 143 (im Medicent), Top 402

Service Center - Law

Innrain 10

Service Center Evaluation & Quality Management

Sonnenburgstraße 16, Parterre

Department for Safety and Health

Innrain 36, Parterre

Deputy Rector for Finance and organizational Development

Christoph-Probst-Platz 1, Innrain 52

Department Facility Management

Müllerstraße 27a

HR Department

Bürgerstraße 2

Coordination Office for Gender Equality, Women and Gender Research

Innrain 66 a

Deputy Rector for Research and International Affairs

CCB, Innrain 80

Coordination Center for Clinical Trials - KKS
Clinical Trial Center - CTC

Anichstraße 35, Innere Medizin

Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs

Speckbacherstraße 31-33

Department of International Relations and Learning Center
Office of International Relations

Schöpfstraße 45

Learning Center Skills Lab

Schöpfstraße 24

Works Council for the general university staff

Innrain 98 (AZW), 8. Stock

Works Council for the academic staff

Anichstraße 35, Chirurgie-Gebäude, 2. Stock Flachbau

Ethics Committee of the Innsbruck Medical University

Innrain 43

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