Laboratory for Translational Neurodegeneration Research

Mission Statement

Our research focuses on basic molecular mechanisms, biomarker discovery and new treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases with special emphasis on α-synucleinopathies including Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). We investigate the role of oligomeric α-synuclein to trigger disease-specific phenotypes, the effects of exogenous stress factors and epigenetic modulation in models of α-synucleinopathy, the involvement of glial cells in PD and MSA, and the neuroinflammatory mechanisms associated with α-synuclein pathology. Through preclinical screening and target validation for disease modification, we aim to provide rationale for clinical trials in PD and MSA.


Univ.-Prof. Nadia Stefanova MD, PhD, DSc
Head of Laboratory
Antonio Heras-Garvin PhD
Maria Luque Calvo PhD
Alain Ndayisaba MD
PhD Student
Martina Wick MSc
Research Assistant
Eleonore Klippel
Medical Student
Julia Bachmann
Bachelor Student

Ratchaniporn Kongsui PhD
Visiting Scientist
School of Medical Sciences, University of Phayao, Thailand
Ernst Mach Scholarship, OEAD 

Former members

Isabella Rathgeb BSc; Miguel Lemos PhD; Patrick Bachmann cand. MD; Katrin Juliana Vouk BSc; Katja Malfertheiner BSc; Lisa Fellner PhD; Claudio Schmidt MSc; Violetta Refolo PhD; Tamina Weiss BSc; Marcos Herrera-Vaquero PhD; Lorenz Härtner PhD; Serena Venezia PhD; Martin Kallab MD; Edith Sturm PhD; Karin Spiss; Christine Kaindlstorfer MD PhD; Florian Krismer MD PhD; Daniela Kuzdas-Wood PhD; Dominik Brück MSc; Michael Lohmüller BSc; Christine Mantinger MD; Patrick Sommer MD; Melanie Premstaller MD; Philipp Hockl MD; Monika Hainzer; Yuntao Li MD; Sonya Neto PhD; Sylvia Stemberger PhD; Philipp Fuchs MD; Julia Kuen MD; Ankit Gupta; Undine Hauser MD; Lucas Mangard MD; Violeta Staeva MD; Harald Granbichler; Laura Mantoan MD; Monika Mitschnigg MD; Theron Sather MD; Sonja Scholz MD; Zoe Puschban MD; Christoph Scherfler MD