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Guidelines for acamedic spin-offs from the Medical University of Innsbruck

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The Medical University of Innsbruck works with Ascenion GmbH ( in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.

Ascenion is the point of contact for scientists and members of the Guidelines for academic spin-offs from the Medicical University of InnsbruckMedical University of Innsbruck in all intellectual property matters:


  • Deepening the Knowledge of Scientists Regarding Industrial Property Rights and Technology Commercialisation
    Such as through offering courses on IP-relevant topics (for example technology transfer, spin-offs, exploitation of software, etc.).

  • Pre-Publikation-Screening
    Reviewing of publications (scientific lectures, dissertations, posters, database entries, etc.) on patent-relevant content before publication and commercial use (novelty search, analysis of use, etc.).

  • Research Planning with Regard to the Potential for Translation
    Support in the project development and review of the intellectual property situation and the utilisation potential of research projects (novelty search, search in patent databases, market appraisals, competitor analysis, etc.).

  • Service Inventions
    Ascenion advises and supports scientists in regards to patent law issues and on research and co-operation agreements, and supports researchers in reporting service inventions. Ascenion GmbH examines whether it is possible and economically sensible to protect research results under patent law.

  • Development and Implementation of Intellectual Property Strategies
    Ascenion develops a patent strategy with scientists based on a cost-benefit analysis.

  • Commercial use of Industrial Property Rights and Know-How
    Ascenion prepares a suitable usage plan for industrial property rights (eg licensing, cooperation or foundation of companies) with the researchers and takes responsibility for their commercial utilisation.

Students and employees of MUI can discuss their inventions with the Technology Managers of Ascenion GmbH and discuss further steps (prior appointment necessary). The current dates for the monthly technology consultation hour can be found here.

You are always welcome, regardless of how concrete your ideas or concepts are. Ascenion and the Medical University of Innsbruck are looking forward to seeing you.

Contact Person at Ascenion:

Dr. Dior Baumjohann, baumjohann(at), +49 (0)89 318814-33

Contact Person at the Medical University of Innsbruck:

Johannes Ghetta, M.Sc., johannes.ghetta(at), 0512 9003 71762

Dr. Peter Josten, peter.josten(at), 0512 9003 70070


Invention Disclosure

Please contact Ascenion prior to submitting the invention disclosure for assistance in providing the necessary documents, files and content.





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