Austrian Unit of the Network of Institutions for Medical Ethics Education

Ethucation - Network for Bioethics
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Austrian Unit of the International Network of Institutions for Medical Ethics Education (NIMED), UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (IL) 


News, Events

  • WuV lecture: Solidarity - old hat or new way for medical and health policy? Barbara Prainsack, University of  Vienna, 30 November 2017, 18 h, HS CCB (Program with room number to follow soon) (in German)
  • Clinical Ethics Circle (KEK) lecture: Medicin and care in the conflicting areas of patients' wellbeing, health economy and personal drive for success, Georg Marckmann, LMU München, 15. November 2017, 18 h, Main lecture hall Frauen - Kopfklinik, Anichstraße 35 (in German)
  • World Bioethics Day 2017: lecture & discussion "The usefulness of medical interventions as a decision criterion for fair distribution", Claudia Wild, LBI HTA Wien, 18. Oktober, 17 h, HS MZA, Anichstraße 35 (in German)
  • World Bioethics Day 2017: film "I, Daniel Blake" & discussion 10 October, 17:45, Leokino Anichstraße 36
  • Science and Responsibility (WuV) lecture: EU - the Ethical Union? The role of ethics and morals in the European Union, M. Frischhut, 31 May 2017, 6 pm, MCI (in German)
  • Interdisciplinary ring lecture on reproduction as technical, social and cultural experiment (in German), 22 - 24 May 2017
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics 12th World Conference BIOETHICS, MEDICAL ETHICS & HEALTH LAW, Limassol, Cyprus, March 21-23, 2017
  • Science and Responsibility (WuV) Discussion: Well cared for? Health of and for people with refugee experience. 17 January 2017, 7 pm, Aula, University of Innsbruck (in German)
  • Clinical Ethics Circle (KEK) Discussion: Do we always have to do everything? 1 December 2016, 5 pm, lecture hall, surgery department, university clinics (in German)
  • Cebrating the first World Bioethics Day, 19 October 2016, 4 pm, Aula, University of Innsbruck: program (in German)
  • International Conference on Healthcare in Europe - a safe haven? 'standard of care from a multidisciplinary perspective, 26-27 September 2016, MCI Innsbruck, more information see conference link
  • Ring lecture, panel discussion and film premiere "Future Baby" by Maria Arlamovsky with discussion - 13 - 21 April 2016
  • Bioethics Excursion Israel 2016 (28 March - 7 April)
  • Brocher Workshop: Inter-country medically assisted reproduction (IMAR) - Conceiving a human rights ethic of care, 18.-21. Jänner 2016; report



The bioethics network Ethucation at MUI is an independent platform for ethics and bioethics in medicine. Learn more

Ethics / Bioethics / Moral 

The term ethics denotes standards of conduct based on ethos, i.e. customs and practices of a community. Learn more 


The bioethics network Ethucation at MUI was found in September 2007. Learn more


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