Austrian Unit of the Network of Institutions for Medical Ethics Education

Ethucation - Network for Bioethics
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Austrian Unit of the International Network of Institutions for Medical Ethics Education (NIMED), UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (IL) 


News, Events

  • Lecture and panel discussion "End of life practices around the world with an emphasis on physician-assistance in dying", Charles Sprung (Jerusalem), Barbara Friesenecker (Innsbruck), Thomas Frühwald (Vienna). Moderation: Michael Ganner (Innsbruck). 28 May 2019, 16:00 - 18:00 h, Lecture Hall 2 (Neuro), FKK 3-G0-115, Anichstr. 35, Innsbruck. We also organize two Workshops with Charles Sprung: Workshop I, Medical Ethics Education, 28 May 2019, 13:30 - 15::00 h and Workshop II, Ethical Decision Making in the ICU, 29 May 2019, 13:30 - 15:00 h. Both Workshops in Seminar Room 2, Medizinzentrum Anichstraße, MZA 1-U1-061, Anichstraße 35, Innsbruck. The Austrian Medical Association provides education credits for all clinical specialities (ID 650390). Selected publications regarding the events here.
  • Bioethics excursion to Israel, 1 - 11 April 2019, Folder (in German); information meeting on 25 October 2018, CCB, 1st floor, M01.392
  • Unesco Chair in Bioethics (Haifa), 13th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law, 27-29 November 2018, Jerusalem
  • KEK Impulse and Discussion on vaccination (in German): „Impfen lassen oder nicht?“ Eine individuelle Entscheidung?, 15. November 2018, 17 h, Medizin Zentrum Anichstraße, Hörsaal 1 (1-G0-144), Anichstraße 35, Innsbruck
  • World Bioethics Day 2018, lecture & panel discussion "Solidarity & Health", 18 October 2018, 4 - 6:45 pm; and Workshop Bioethics Austria, 19 October 2018, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., CCB, Innrain 80, M01.470 (1st floor) (in German)


The bioethics network Ethucation at MUI is an independent platform for ethics and bioethics in medicine. Learn more

Ethics / Bioethics / Moral 

The term ethics denotes standards of conduct based on ethos, i.e. customs and practices of a community. Learn more 


The bioethics network Ethucation at MUI was found in September 2007. Learn more


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