Prototypen Call 2023

In 2023, the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI) is again providing funding for the development and further development of prototypes. Research results (developments, inventions and software) that are at an early stage of maturity and have commercial potential are to be financially supported in order to create prototypes and increase the chances of commercial exploitation.
Eligible to apply are academic staff members of the MUI who have at least one academic publication to their name. Young researchers are particularly encouraged to apply.

Submission for MUI prototype funding is linked to the submission for prototype funding of the AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice). Applications must be submitted to both the AWS and the MUI. Information on the AWS prototype call can be found here
Applications that are not funded by the AWS for budgetary reasons, but have received excellent reviews, are thus given a second chance to be funded by the MUI. In the case of inventor associations without additional funding from the partner institutions, however, only partial funding (depending on the MUI share) can be considered. The decision lies with the Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs.

Funding amount: up to a maximum of EUR 15,000 per project
Deadline: 5 May 2023, at 12 noon (1 week after submission deadline Prototype funding AWS)
Applications must be submitted online exclusively via GAR

- Interesting research results (inventions, developments, databases, methods, products or processes).
- Novelty of the product/process/method
- Clear commercialisation potential (good market opportunities and concrete customer benefits)
- Recognisable innovation and technology content

Framework conditions:
- Research results (inventions, developments, databases, methods, products, processes, software) over which the MUI has the right of disposal.
- Feasibility of the prototype within the project period (within 6 to max. 12 months).

In the final report, project progress and development status of the prototype must be documented.

Funding is available for
- New acquisition of instruments and equipment
- Third-party costs: e.g. external commissioning of partial or total production
- Construction feasibility, etc. only eligible if implementation at the MUI is not possible
- Cost of materials

Non-eligible costs:
- Personnel costs
- Costs for research
- Costs of external consulting
- Costs of property rights protection (patent costs)
- Lawyer's (patent attorney's) fees
- Marketing costs
- Distribution costs
- Publication costs

Documents to be submitted in GAR:
- Form with signature of your Head of Department
- Application form (automatically generated in GAR)
- Short summary of the concept (max. ½ page)
- Project proposal: Outline of the underlying innovation. In the context of which project did this innovation emerge? Description of the concept for the creation of the prototype, description of the economic significance (possible applications, markets, competitive situation with other solutions, unique selling propositions).
- Cost plan
- Curriculum vitae
- List of publications

Contact persons in the Department for Research Services and Innovation: Tatjana Heckel
0512 / 9003 71764

Dr. Jürgen Soutschek
0512 / 9003 71762