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Assigner,Second opinion, Cooperation

Emergency assignment
Second Opinion


Emergency: Anytime to the emergency outpatient clinic of the surgery, house 8, first floor. Please note "surgery" or "VTT" on the assignment. The close cooperation with the internal medicine colleagues in the Medical Center Anichstrasse (MZA) increases the quality of treatment. Patients can be clarified quickly, efficiently and comprehensively. t +43 512 504 50010

Surgical appointment clinic - Appointment for the initial examination: Please register patients for the initial examination by telephone if possible. The appointment is open on weekdays from 7:00 to 18:00 on telephone number +43 (0)512 504 22511. 

Surgical special outpatient clinic - each focus is on special outpatient clinics. You can also personally refer patients to VTT surgeons via this route. 

Endoscopy appointments - in case of emergency: as described above. Otherwise please register from Monday to Friday 11 - 15.00 o'clock via +43 (0)512 504 22950 . Please note "surgery" on the assignment.


Secretarial offices:

VTT management: +43-5-504-22601 (7:00 to18:00; Mrs. Cornelia Gregoritsch, Mrs. Melanie Stelzl, Mrs.Patriza Strasser)
Surgical data management and study control center: +43-512-504-25956 (Ms. Nicole Bergmann)
Surgical student matters: +43-512-504-25930 (Mrs.Marion Körber)
Clinic office, personnel planning: +43-512-504-22555 ‬(Mrs. Karoline Zenczak-Zoiier)
Surgical research: +43-512-504-24624 (Mrs. Michaela Weiler)


Bed wards:

Ward 11N (Special ward): +43-512-504-22331
Ward 9S (General- and Visceral Surgery): +43-512-504-22521
Ward 9N (General- and Visceral Surgery): +43-512-504-22592 
Ward 8S (General- and Visceral Surgery): +43-512-504-22582
Ward 3S&N (Transplant Surgery, Surgical intensive care unit): +43-512-504-22611
Ward D in the Children Heart Center KHZ (Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery): +43-512-504-23498

Ambulances and special consultation hours:

Emergency outpatient clinic: +43 512 504 50010
Appointment outpatient clinic: +43-512-504-22511 
Special consultation hours: +43-512-504-22xxx
Surgical endoscopy: +43-512-504-22590


You can assign patients with non-urgent diseases for an initial examination and to make an appointment for surgery (e.g. gallstone disease, hernias, etc.)

1) at the telephone number:+43-512-504-22511 on weekdays from 7:00 to 18:00, stating the name, date of birth and the (suspected) diagnosis of the patient. This would be the most pleasant way for both patients and us.


2) also send them directly to the appointment outpatient clinic of surgery.

For both ways, please note on the assignment: TERMINAMBULANCE of VTT and the (suspected) diagnosis. In this way, the patient can be cared for administratively effectively and thus quickly. The background is that patients who are registered or assigned to the appointment outpatient clinic are/are preregistered at a defined time. This ensures that waiting times are kept to a minimum.

3) Patients of the special class can also use the office of the clinic board (every Monday and Thursday 12:00) by appointment at +43-512-504-22602

You will find guidelines for the individual surgical diseases, which findings you can determine yourself beforehand and which we need to ensure patient safety, please refer to the individual focal points..

ALL patients receive an AMBULANCE SHEET for the inpatient stay after the initial examination and after an appointment for surgery has been made. On this form, important data, such as type and dosage of regularly taken medication, allergies, etc. are to be noted, which serve to increase patient safety. Please help the patient to fill out this part correctly. A confidential section must be filled in by the patient himself/herself. Thank you very much for your support!

To the Outpatient Accompanying Sheet

Second opinion

Dear Sir or Madam,

Before an operation and especially in case of diseases concerning indication and operability it is useful to get a second opinion from specialists.
In order to be able to process your request in the best possible way, we ask you to observe the following procedure:
Please send current doctor's letters, surgery reports and, if possible, also documents from imaging procedures (CT, MRT, PET scintigraphy, sonography, etc.) to the following address: 

University Clinic for Visceral, Transplant and Thoracic Surgery
at the attention of Mrs. Cornelia Gregoritsch
Anichstraße 35
6020 Innsbruck

If only documents (doctor's letters etc.) are available, you can send these documents to us at any time by e-mail or fax: +43 512 504 22602 for faster processing.
After an assessment of your documents you will be notified and if necessary an appointment with Assoz.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Manuel Maglione, MBA, FEBS is arranged.

The costs for a second opinion are calculated depending upon expenditure starting from € 250, --. The transmission of the second opinion takes place in approx. 14 days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone (+43 512 504 22601) or e-mail.


List of former employees who are now working in the private practice area and with whom we have a very close cooperation with division of labor:

Aigner Franz, Dr. | Auer Gerhard, Dr. Draxl Hermann, Dr. | Felgel-Farnholz Christina, | Kastner Stefan, Dr. | Lugger Petra, | Mühlmann Gilbert, Priv.-Doz. Dr. | Prommegger Rupert, Priv.-Doz. Dr. | Sauper Tonja, | Steiner Ekkehard, Doz. Dr.