Patients' safety

On July 24, 2014, VTT was awarded the decree on increased patient safety.
/2 years before, an external risk analysis was carried out by a specialized companyIndividual risks for patients, especially at the so-called interfaces, were identified. After a 2-year review of the "problem areas", the re-audit was conducted in spring 2014. The re-audit showed that the few previously existing risks have been eliminated. VTT is thus one of the major clinics that is entitled to use this award for the benefit of the patients entrusted to it.

Our activities in this field are internationally recognized and are reflected in the co-creation of the book "Patient Safety Management" by Prof. Dr. D. Öfner-Velano.

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Risk Management

The comprehensive, tested clinical risk management system in the UK for surgery is accompanied by a total of 4 trained risk managers (2 in the medical, one in the nursing and one in the non-medical [administrative] area).

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