Pharmaceutical Sciences, MSc (PHARM_SCI)

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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General information
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General information

How often do the admission procedures take place

The admission procedures take place once a year, generally in early July.

In which language are the admission procedures held?

The PHARM_SCI admission procedures are held in English.

How often can I participate in the admission procedures?

There is no limitation to the number of times you can participate in the admission procedures (see regulations).

What are the admission options for PHARM_SCI?

  • If there are 35 or more applications, a written admission test (on the computer) must be taken first. The questions are exclusively in English. The 50 best candidates of the admission test will be invited to a selection interview, which will take place in Innsbruck.
    If there are less than 35 applications, all applicants will be invited to selection interviews in Innsbruck. In this case, the written admission test will be omitted.

When will it be announced whether the admission procedures will take place in one or two steps?

See dates and deadlines

Can the admission test and/or selection interview also be done online?

No. You have to be there in person for the admission test as well as the selection interview.

Who may participate in the admission procedures?

  • Persons who can prove completion of a relevant bachelor's program, diploma program or a relevant bachelor's program at a university of applied sciences or another equivalent program at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution. In any case, the completion of the Bachelor's or Diploma Programs in Pharmacy, Chemistry or Biology at the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck as well as the completion of the Bachelor's Program in Molecular Medicine or the Diploma Program in Human Medicine at the Medical University of Innsbruck are considered to be eligible studies.
  • Persons who can prove valid Internet registration as well as full and timely payment of the co-payment and
  • have made the required uploads in time and meeting the formal requirements.

Will the result of the admission procedures also be valid for the next academic year?

No, your result is valid only for the academic year for which you took the admission test.
You can take a leave of absence after admission if there are important reasons.

May I sell the tasks of the admission procedures to third parties or publish them on the Internet (in social media, upload them to Dropbox etc.)?

The passing on of tasks of the admission test or selection interview to third parties as well as their utilization is prohibited according to the regulations on admission restriction as well as for reasons of copyright! The Medical University of Innsbruck is entitled to indemnify and hold itself harmless in the event of any infringement and reserves the right to take legal action in this case.



When and where will I find the registration forms for PHARM_SCI

The registration forms for PHARM_SCI will be available in the Internet registration section within the registration period.

Can I take the admission exams for the Master's Program PHARM_SCI and the Master's Program Molecular Medicine in the same year?

Yes, if you meet the respective requirements acc. to the regulations, such as registration and payment criteria and the admission procedures do not take place at the same time.

I registered for the admissions process last year and would like to register again this year. Can I register this year with my reference number from last year?

No, this is not possible. If you participate in the admission procedures several times, you need to register for the admission procedures using the online-from each time.

Each time you register, you will receive a new 8-digit reference number, which begins with the digits of the current calendar year.

How can I make sure that I am registered for the admission procedures?

Immediately after your registration, you will get an e-mail confirmation. But your registration will only be valid if you pay your co-payment in time and full. If you have paid your co-payment and are thus registered, your status in your PHARM_SCI-Account (top right corner) will be “registered for the test”. If you have not paid your co-payment (in full), your status will be “registered – payment pending”.



What is the amount of the co-payment for the admission procedures?

The co-payment amounts to EUR 90.

By when must be co-payment be made

The co-payment must be paid within the registration period to the accounts of the respective university. Your registration for the admission procedure will only be valid if your co-payment arrives in time and in the full amount.

What is the co-payment used for?

The co-payment is used by the universities to cover the costs incurred by the admission process, such as developing the admissions test, renting the test sites, hiring supervisory staff, printing costs, security etc.

Will the co-payment be refunded if I do not take the admission test?

No, there is no right to reimbursement (see co-payment information as well as the regulations).

Will the co-payment be refunded if I miss the upload deadline or fail to meet the formal requirements for the upload?

No. Upon request, you will be refunded only differences exceeding the co-payment you are required to pay.


Document upload

Which documents must be uploaded?

For valid Internet registration within the prescribed period (see no. 2 Dates and deadlines) the following documents (1 to 4) must be uploaded in PDF to your personal PHARM_SCI-Account:

  1. curriculum vitae in English,
  2. synopsis or abstract of the Bachelor’s/Diploma/Master’s Thesis of the highest-ranking relevant degree in English,
  3. motivational letter in English and
  4. previous study achievements.

Attention: There will be no orders for improvements.

What are the formal criteria for the document upload?

- 1 PDF, max. 10 MB (contents: curriculum vitae in English, synopsis or abstract of the Bachelor’s/Diploma/Master’s Thesis in English of the highest-ranking relevant study program, motivational letter in English and previous study achievements).
- electronic uploads exclusively to your personal PHARM_SCI-Account and
- within the period specified.

How can I make sure that I am entitled to participate in the admission procedures?

After complete and timely payment of the co-payment, you will be requested to upload documents using your PHARM_SCI-Account within a period. Only if the upload is made in time and correctly (Please note the formal criteria!), you are entitled to participate in the admission process.

Am I entitled to participate in the admission procedures, if I have paid the co-payment but have failed to upload the documents in time and correctly?

No. You are only entitled to take part after upload within the period specified.


Test preparation and contents

How can I prepare for the admission test and what are the test contents?

On our website you can find free examples of the tasks.

How long before the test should I start to study for it?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, as each person learns content at a different rate.


Test day

When do I get my test invitation?

You will get your test invitation in your PHARM_SCI-Account approximately 2 weeks before the test day (You will be informed of its delivery by e-mail.).

What do I do if I am ill on the day of the test or cannot attend for other reasons? Is it possible to postpone the date?

Deregistration from the test is not possible or necessary. However, the date cannot be postponed and the test not made up at a later date.

What may/must I (not) take with me on the test day?

A list of the allowed/not allowed items will be sent to your PHARM_SCI-Account

I took the admission test and I need an attendance confirmation. What should I do?

After the admission test, you will get an attendance confirmation in your PHARM_SCI-Account if you have participated in the test and have not been excluded from it.


Test result

How do I get my test result?

You can view the test result and information on whether you will be invited for a selection interview in your PHARM_SCI account. You will be notified of the receipt of any documents in your PHARM_SCI-Account (test result, invitation to selection interview, invitation to admission or preliminary rejection) by e-mail. We ask for your understanding that for technical reasons not all e-mails can be delivered at the same time.

Is my test result also valid for the next year

No, your test result is only valid for the academic year for which you have registered.


Selection interview

How and when will I be informed whether I will be invited to a selection interview?

  • You will receive the invitation to a selection interview via your PHARM_SCI-Account. Here you will be given all information about the interviews (where and when they take place, what to take with you, etc.).



The admission takes place via the University of Innsbruck. All information about admission can be found here.