Master of Science in Medical Writing


Overview and Qualification

Medical texts are required in numerous situations in everyday life, and the content and style of such texts varies enormously, from texts targeting the general public in the lay press to articles in scientific journals, texts with a strong regulatory and legal background to proposals for scientific grant programs.

The ability to write competitively and successfully is essential for all medical researchers and constitutes a profession of its own for those who are part of a research team as professional medical writers.
This university course is aimed at all those who write medical and scientific texts and who publish or wish to publish texts in medical and scientific journals, or who wish to work as medical writers within the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors. Alternatively, they may have studied languages and wish to specialize in the preparation of medical and scientific texts.

In addition to an introduction to the basics of medical knowledge (for non-physicians) and the fundamentals of scientific and medical texts, the major focus of the course is on the preparation of the entire range of scientific and medical texts, from where to find information, study design, ethics committee approval to data evaluation, and preparation of integrated reports, regulatory writing, the preparation and review of manuscripts, and the field of medical communications.

An introduction to statistics is as much part of the program as presentation techniques and the creation of slide kits for conference presentations. During the second year of the program participants will be introduced to the field of quality control and editing of texts written by others since medical writers, more often than not, also work as editors for journals, companies or research teams. An introduction to medical ethics and good clinical practice rounds out the course program.

The academic degree “Master of Science in Medical Writing” (MSc.) will be granted to participants who successfully finish the course.


Please follow this link for the full curriculum:

      German Version (Original): Curriculum German
      English Version (Translation): Curriculum English




The two-year extra occupational course program “Master of Science in Medical Writing” consists of modules with compulsory attendance and E-Learning modules with tasks that have to be finished by certain dates.


Currently, there are no planned course dates.



Course Fees

The course fee for the program: € 16,000.00.

Additionally, fees for the mandatory membership in the Austria National Student Union (ÖH) will have to be paid (currently € 18.00 per semester).

The course fees are payable in four rates of € 4,000.00 (at the start of each semester).

Applicants will have to produce a bank guarantee for the course fee during the admission process.




(1) No new applications will be accepted at this time.  

(2) Requirements for admission:


Applicants with the following backgrounds will be considered:


  1. Graduates with an academic degree in medicine,
  2. Graduates with an academic degree in natural science,
  3. Graduates with an academic degree in psychology,
  4. Graduates with an academic degree in linguistics, literature, English, translation studies, journalism or similar
  5. Persons with extensive work experience in an appropriate field (e.g. in a biomedical company, the pharmaceutical sector or journalism) will also be considered


In addition, students need to have a certain level of proficiency in English:


  1. Native speaker of English
  2. OR Holding a non-expired certificate for English as a foreign language of level C1 or higher according to the common European reference framework for languages.


 (3) Application process and admission:

  1. Applications must be submitted before the deadline set by the Medical University of Innsbruck. The date is published in good time before the start of the semester on the home page of the Medical University and in other print media. Applications must include the application form, CV, certified copies of degree certificates, letter of motivation, and proof of professional experience, if required.
  2. The course director will decide upon acceptance based on the formal qualifications of the applicants and their reasons for wishing to take the course. Until the course fees are paid (including the ÖH fees) accepted students will be granted a temporary place in the course program.
  3. The minimum number of students is 15, the maximum number is 30.
  4. Participants who fulfil all requirements, are accepted by the head of the master program, and paid the course fees, will be enrolled as exceptional students at the Medical University of Innsbruck.




The application form can be found under the following link:

       Application Form: PDF


Please return the form (including all documents required for admission) personally or via mail to:


Mag. Dennis Huber
Büro des Vizerektors für Lehre und Studienangelegenheiten
Lifelong Learning
Medizinische Universität Innsbruck
Speckbacherstrasse 31-33
6020 Innsbruck


Overview of the application process and deadlines:

  • Overview in English: PDF
  • Overview in German: PDF


  • NOTE: By applying for admission you agree to the General Business Terms (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, AGBs) of the university programs of the Medical Universiy of Innsbruck.


For additional information, please contact the office of the university program:






Administrative Course Supervisor:

Dennis Huber


Claudia Frumento, PhD
Claudia Frumento
Dr. Claudia Frumento has a PhD in medical information technology. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and received a German scholarship to do her PhD thesis in the University of Heidelberg. She has more than 16 years experience in the field of medical technology acquired as Product Manager and European Training and Education Manager for international medical technology corporations, Guidant and Medtronic, and has been a lecturer at the University for Applied Sciences Giessen–Friedberg (International B2B Marketing and Business English for Mechanical and Industrial Engineers). She speaks three languages fluently (English, German and Spanish) and has vast experience in international project management such as: product launches, pan-European training and programs for physicians, multicentre clinical trials and medical writing for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Claudia is a member of the EMWA Professional Development Committee.


Phillip S. Leventhal, PhD

Phillip Leventhal

Dr. Phillip Leventhal is a Scientific Writer specializing in publication writing and scientific communications at 4Clinics in Paris, France. He has worked as a scientific and medical writer for 12 years, after 10 years as a researcher in academic and pharmaceutical laboratories. Phillip shares his passion for scientific writing as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Medical Writing and as a teacher of scientific writing for the European Medical Writers Association, New York University, and several universities in Europe.


Sujata Wagner
Sujata Wagner
Sujata Wagner has been working for more than 20 years as a translator and editor of medical texts. As a native speaker of the English language she has designed and produced workshops and seminars on Medical English, which she has held in various clinics in Austria. Besides, she was part of the teaching staff for the last University Course for Medical Writers held at Innsbruck, and looks forward to being a part of the team this time as well.






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