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LOM-Exzellenz 2008

Liste aller im Rahmen von LOM-Exzellenz 2008 bonifizierten Publikationen der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck aus 2007.

Durchschnittlicher Impact Faktor 2002 - 2006: 3,367
Limit für Exzellenzpublikationen aus 2007: 7,000
  1. Agarwal, N.; Pacher, P.; Tegeder, I.; Amaya, F.; Constantin, CE.; Brenner, GJ.; Rubino, T.; Michalski, CW.; Marsicano, G.; Monory, K.; Mackie, K.; Marian, C.; Batkai, S.; Parolaro, D.; Fischer, MJ.; Reeh, P.; Kunos, G.; Kress, M.; Lutz, B.; Woolf, CJ.; Kuner, R.: Cannabinoids mediate analgesia largely via peripheral type 1 cannabinoid receptors in nociceptors.
    NATURE NEUROSCIENCE. 2007; 10(7); 870-879.
    PubMed: 17558404 doi: 10.1038/nn1916 IF: 14.805
  2. Akhoondi, S.; Sun, D.; von der Lehr, N.; Apostolidou, S.; Klotz, K.; Maljukova, A.; Cepeda, D.; Fiegl, H.; Dofou, D.; Marth, C.; Mueller-Holzner, E.; Corcoran, M.; Dagnell, M.; Nejad, SZ.; Nayer, BN.; Zali, MR.; Hansson, J.; Egyhazi, S.; Petersson, F.; Sangfelt, P.; Nordgren, H.; Grander, D.; Reed, SI.; Widschwendter, M.; Sangfelt, O.; Spruck, C.: FBXW7/hCDC4 is a general tumor suppressor in human cancer.
    CANCER RESEARCH. 2007; 67(19); 9006-9012.
    PubMed: 17909001 doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-07-1320 IF: 7.656
  3. Antonini, A.; Poewe, W.: Fibrotic heart-valve reactions to dopamine-agonist treatment in Parkinson's disease.
    LANCET NEUROLOGY. 2007; 6(9); 826-829.
    PubMed: 17706566 IF: 9.479
  4. Asmus, F.; Hjermind, LE.; Dupont, E.; Wagenstaller, J.; Haberlandt, E.; Munz, M.; Strom, TM.; Gasser, T.: Genomic deletion size at the epsilon-sarcoglycan locus determines the clinical phenotype.
    BRAIN. 2007; 130(6); 2736-2745.
    PubMed: 17898012 doi: 10.1093/brain/awm209 IF: 7.617
  5. Boasso, A.; Herbeuval, JP.; Hardy, AW.; Anderson, SA.; Dolan, MJ.; Fuchs, D.; Shearer, GM.: HIV inhibits CD4(+) T-cell proliferation by inducing indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
    BLOOD. 2007; 109(8); 3351-3359.
    PubMed: 17158233 doi: 10.1182/blood-2006-07-034785 IF: 10.37
  6. Boesch, S.; Sturm, B.; Hering, S.; Goldenberg, H.; Poewe, W.; Scheiber-Mojdehkar, B.: Friedreich's ataxia: Clinical pilot trial with recombinant human erythropoietin.
    ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY. 2007; 62(5); 521-524.
    PubMed: 17702040 IF: 8.051
  7. Bonora, E.; Egger, G.; Kiechl, S.; Meigs, JB.; Willeit, J.; Bonadonna, RC.; Oberhollenzer, F.; Muggeo, M.: Insulin resistance as estimated by homeostasis model assessment predicts incident symptomatic cardiovascular disease in Caucasian subjects from the general population - The Bruneck study.
    DIABETES CARE. 2007; 30(2); 318-324.
    PubMed: 17259501 doi: 10.2337/dc06-0919 IF: 7.912
  8. Bohn, G.; Allroth, A.; Brandes, G.; Thiel, J.; Glocker, E.; Schaffer, AA.; Rathinam, C.; Taub, N.; Teis, D.; Zeidler, C.; Dewey, RA.; Geffers, R.; Buer, J.; Huber, LA.; Welte, K.; Grimbacher, B.; Klein, C.: A novel human primary immunodeficiency syndrome caused by deficiency of the endosomal adaptor protein p14.
    NATURE MEDICINE. 2007; 13(1); 38-45.
    PubMed: 17195838 doi: 10.1038/nm1528 IF: 28.588
  9. Chu, I.; Sun, J.; Arnaout, A.; Kahn, H.; Hanna, W.; Narod, S.; Sun, P.; Tan, CK.; Hengst, L.; Slingerland, J.: p27 phosphorylation by Src regulates inhibition of cyclin E-Cdk2.
    CELL. 2007; 128(2); 281-294.
    PubMed: 17254967 doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2006.11.049 IF: 29.194
  10. Corti, C.; Crepaldi, L.; Mion, S.; Roth, AL.; Xuereb, JH.; Ferraguti, F.: Altered dimerization of metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 in schizophrenia.
    BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY. 2007; 62(7); 747-755.
    PubMed: 17531207 doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2006.12.005 IF: 7.154
  11. Ebner, S.; Nguyen, VA.; Forstner, M.; Wang, YH.; Wolfram, D.; Liu, YJ.; Romani, N.: Thymic stromal lymphopoietin converts human epidermal Langerhans cells into antigen-presenting cells that induce proallergic T cells.
    PubMed: 17320941 doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2007.01.003 IF: 8.829
  12. Ekberg, H.; Tedesco-Silva, H.; Demirbas, A.; Vitko, S.; Nashan, B.; Gurkan, A.; Margreiter, R.; Hugo, C.; Grinyo, JM.; Frei, U.; Vanrenterghem, Y.; Daloze, P.; Halloran, PF.; ELITE Symphony Study.: Reduced exposure to calcineurin inhibitors in renal transplantation.
    NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. 2007; 357(25); 2562-2575.
    PubMed: 18094377 IF: 51.296
  13. Ekoff, M.; Kaufmann, T.; Engstrom, M.; Motoyama, N.; Villunger, A.; Jonsson, JI.; Strasser, A.; Nilsson, G.: The BH3-only protein Puma plays an essential role in cytokine deprivation-induced apoptosis of mast cells.
    BLOOD. 2007; 110(9); 3209-3217.
    PubMed: 17634411 doi: 10.1182/blood-2007-02-073957 IF: 10.37
  14. Ferenci, P.; Czlonkowska, A.; Merle, U.; Ferenc, S.; Gromadzka, G.; Yurdaydin, C.; Vogel, W.; Bruha, R.; Schmidt, HT.; Stremmel, W.: Late-onset Wilson's disease.
    GASTROENTEROLOGY. 2007; 132(4); 1294-1298.
    PubMed: 17433323 doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2007.02.057 IF: 12.457
  15. Fliser, D.; Kollerits, B.; Neyer, U.; Ankerst, DP.; Lhotta, K.; Lingenhel, A.; Ritz, E.; Kronenberg, F.; MMKD Study Grp.: Fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) predicts progression of chronic kidney disease: The mild to moderate kidney disease (MMKD) study.
    PubMed: 17656479 IF: 7.371
  16. Grimmier, M.; Wang, YF.; Mund, T.; Cilensek, Z.; Keidel, EM.; Waddell, MB.; Jakel, H.; Kullmann, M.; Kriwacki, RW.; Hengst, L.: Cdk-inhibitory activity and stability of p27(Kip1) are directly regulated by oncogenic tyrosine kinases.
    CELL. 2007; 128(2); 269-280.
    PubMed: 17254966 doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2006.11.047 IF: 29.194
  17. Haase, D.; Germing, U.; Schanz, J.; Pfeilstocker, M.; Nosslinger, T.; Hildebrandt, B.; Kundgen, A.; Lubbert, M.; Kunzmann, R.; Giagounidis, AA. N.; Aul, C.; Trumper, L.; Krieger, O.; Stauder, R.; Muller, TH.; Wimazal, F.; Valent, P.; Fonatsch, C.; Steidl, C.: New insights into the prognostic impact of the karyotype in MDS and correlation with subtypes: evidence from a core dataset of 2124 patients.
    BLOOD. 2007; 110(13); 4385-4395.
    PubMed: 17726160 IF: 10.37
  18. Heemers, HV.; Sebo, TJ.; Debes, JD.; Regan, KM.; Raclaw, KA.; Murphy, LM.; Hobisch, A.; Culig, Z.; Tindall, DJ.: Androgen deprivation increases p300 expression in prostate cancer cells.
    CANCER RESEARCH. 2007; 67(7); 3422-3430.
    PubMed: 17409453 doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-06-2836 IF: 7.656
  19. Hortschansky, P.; Eisendle, M.; Al-Abdallah, Q.; Schmidt, AD.; Bergmann, S.; Thon, M.; Kniemeyer, O.; Abt, B.; Seeber, B.; Werner, ER.; Kato, M.; Brakhage, AA.; Haas, H.: Interaction of HapX with the CCAAT-binding complex - a novel mechanism of gene regulation by iron.
    EMBO JOURNAL. 2007; 26(13); 3157-3168.
    PubMed: 17568774 doi: 10.1038/sj.emboj.7601752 IF: 10.086
  20. Jank, S.; Haase, S.; Strobl, H.; Michels, H.; Hafner, R.; Missmann, M.; Bodner, G.; Mur, E.; Schroeder, D.: Sonographic investigation of the temporomandibular joint in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A pilot study.
    ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM. 2007; 57(2); 213-218.
    PubMed: 17330295 doi: 10.1002/art.22533 IF: 7.751
  21. Jennings, P.; Aydin, S.; Kotanko, P.; Lechner, J.; Lhotta, K.; Williams, S.; Thakker, RV.; Pfaller, W.: Membrane targeting and secretion of mutant uromodulin in familial juvenile hyperuricemic nephropathy.
    PubMed: 17151335 doi: 10.1681/ASN.2006020158 IF: 7.371
  22. Naik, E.; Michalak, EM.; Villunger, A.; Adams, JM.; Strasser, A.: Ultraviolet radiation triggers apoptosis of fibroblasts and skin keratinocytes mainly via the BH3-only protein Noxa.
    JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY. 2007; 176(4); 415-424.
    PubMed: 17283183 doi: 10.1083/jcb.200608070 IF: 10.152
  23. Kasibhatla, S.; Baichwal, V.; Cai, SX.; Roth, B.; Skvortsova, I.; Skvortsov, S.; Lukas, P.; English, NM.; Sirisoma, N.; Drewe, J.; Pervin, A.; Tseng, B.; Carlson, RO.; Pleiman, CM.: MPC-6827: A small-molecule inhibitor of microtubule formation that is not a substrate for multidrug resistance pumps.
    CANCER RESEARCH. 2007; 67(12); 5865-5871.
    PubMed: 17575155 doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-07-0127 IF: 7.656
  24. Kiechl, S.; Schett, G.; Schwaiger, J.; Seppi, K.; Eder, P.; Egger, G.; Santer, P.; Mayr, A.; Xu, QB.; Willeit, J.: Soluble receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa B ligand and risk for cardiovascular disease.
    CIRCULATION. 2007; 116(4); 385-391.
    PubMed: 17620507 doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.106.686774 IF: 10.94
  25. Kieran, D.; Woods, I.; Villunger, A.; Strasser, A.; Prehn, JH. M.: Deletion of the BH3-only protein puma protects motoneurons from ER stress-induced apoptosis and delays motoneuron loss in ALS mice.
    PubMed: 18077368 IF: 9.643
  26. Kleinrath, T.; Gassner, C.; Lackner, P.; Thurnher, M.; Ramoner, R.: Interleukin-4 promoter polymorphisms: A genetic prognostic factor for survival in metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY. 2007; 25(7); 845-851.
    PubMed: 17327605 doi: 10.1200/JCO.2006.07.8154 IF: 13.598
  27. Kneilling, M.; Hultner, L.; Pichler, BJ.; Mailhammer, R.; Morawietz, L.; Solomon, S.; Eichner, M.; Sabatino, J.; Biedermann, T.; Krenn, V.; Weber, WA.; Illges, H.; Haubner, R.; Rocken, M.: Targeted mast cell silencing protects against joint destruction and angiogenesis in experimental arthritis in mice.
    ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM. 2007; 56(6); 1806-1816.
    PubMed: 17530709 doi: 10.1002/art.22602 IF: 7.751
  28. Konev, AY.; Tribus, M.; Park, SY.; Podhraski, V.; Lim, CY.; Emelyanov, AV.; Vershilova, E.; Pirrotta, V.; Kadonaga, JT.; Lusser, A.; Fyodorov, DV.: CHD1 motor protein is required for deposition of histone variant h3.3 into chromatin in vivo.
    SCIENCE. 2007; 317(5841); 1087-1090.
    PubMed: 17717186 doi: 10.1126/science.1145339 IF: 30.028
  29. Kormoczi, GF.; Dauber, EM.; Haas, OA.; Legler, TJ.; Clausen, FB.; Fritsch, G.; Raderer, M.; Buchta, C.; Petzer, AL.; Schonitzer, D.; Mayr, WR.; Gassner, C.: Mosaicism due to myeloid lineage-restricted loss of heterozygosity as cause of spontaneous Rh phenotype splitting.
    BLOOD. 2007; 110(6); 2148-2157.
    PubMed: 17537994 doi: 10.1182/blood-2007-01-068106 IF: 10.37
  30. Koschak, A.; Obermair, GJ.; Pivotto, F.; Sinnegger-Brauns, MJ.; Striessnig, J.; Pietrobon, D.: Molecular nature of anomalous L-type calcium channels in mouse cerebellar granule cells.
    JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE. 2007; 27(14); 3855-3863.
    PubMed: 17409250 doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4028-06.2007 IF: 7.453
  31. Kuba, K.; Zhang, L.; Imai, Y.; Arab, S.; Chen, M.; Maekawa, Y.; Leschnik, M.; Leibbrandt, A.; Makovic, M.; Schwaighofer, J.; Beetz, N.; Musialek, R.; Neely, GG.; Komnenovic, V.; Kolm, U.; Metzler, B.; Ricci, R.; Hara, H.; Meixner, A.; Nghiem, M.; Chen, X.; Dawood, F.; Wong, KM.; Sarao, R.; Cukerman, E.; Kimura, A.; Hein, L.; Thalhammer, J.; Liu, PP.; Penninger, JM.: Impaired heart Contractility in apelin gene-deficient mice associated with aging and pressure overload.
    CIRCULATION RESEARCH. 2007; 101(4); E32-E42.
    PubMed: 17673668 doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.107.158659 IF: 9.854
  32. Kwan, BC. H.; Kronenberg, F.; Beddhu, S.; Cheung, AK.: Lipoprotein metabolism and lipid management in chronic kidney disease.
    PubMed: 17360943 doi: 10.1681/ASN.2006091006 IF: 7.371
  33. Lass-Florl, C.; Mayr, A.: Human protothecosis.
    CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS. 2007; 20(2); 230-+.
    PubMed: 17428884 doi: 10.1128/CMR.00032-06 IF: 12.643
  34. Loacker, S.; Sayyah, M.; Wittmann, W.; Herzog, H.; Schwarzer, C.: Endogenous dynorphin in epileptogenesis and epilepsy: anticonvulsant net effect via kappa opioid receptors.
    BRAIN. 2007; 130(1); 1017-1028.
    PubMed: 17347252 doi: 10.1093/brain/awl384 IF: 7.617
  35. Ludwiczek, S.; Theurl, I.; Muckenthaler, MU.; Jakab, M.; Mair, SM.; Theurl, M.; Kiss, J.; Paulmichl, M.; Hentze, MW.; Ritter, M.; Weiss, G.: Ca2+ channel blockers reverse iron overload by a new mechanism via divalent metal transporter-1.
    NATURE MEDICINE. 2007; 13(4); 448-454.
    PubMed: 17293870 doi: 10.1038/nm1542 IF: 28.588
  36. Obexer, P.; Geiger, K.; Ambros, PF.; Meister, B.; Ausserlechner, MJ.: FKHRL1-mediated expression of Noxa and Bim induces apoptosis via the mitochondria in neuroblastoma cells.
    CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION. 2007; 14(3); 534-547.
    PubMed: 16888645 doi: 10.1038/sj.cdd.4402017 IF: 7.463
  37. Olsson, A.; Manzl, C.; Strasser, A.; Villunger, A.: How important are post-translational modifications in p53 for selectivity in target-gene transcription and tumour suppression?
    CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION. 2007; 14(9); 1561-1575.
    PubMed: 17627286 doi: 10.1038/sj.cdd.4402196 IF: 7.463
  38. Poewe, WH.; Rascol, O.; Quinn, N.; Tolosa, E.; Oertel, WH.; Martignoni, E.; Rupp, M.; Boroojerdi, B.; SP 515 Investigators.: Efficacy of pramipexole and transdermal rotigotine in advanced Parkinson's disease: a double-blind, double-dummy, randomised controlled trial.
    LANCET NEUROLOGY. 2007; 6(6); 513-520.
    IF: 9.479
  39. Raile, K.; Galler, A.; Hofer, S.; Herbst, A.; Dunstheimer, D.; Busch, P.; Holl, RW.: Diabetic nephropathy in 27,805 children, adolescents, and adults with type 1 diabetes - Effect of diabets duration, A1C, hypertension, dyslipedemia, diabets onset, and sex.
    DIABETES CARE. 2007; 30(10); 2523-2528.
    PubMed: 17630266 doi: 10.2337/dc07-0282 IF: 7.912
  40. Rice, G.; Patrick, T.; Parmar, R.; Taylor, CF.; Aeby, A.; Aicardi, J.; Artuch, R.; Montalto, SA.; Bacino, CA.; Barroso, B.; Baxter, P.; Benko, WS.; Bergmann, C.; Bertini, E.; Biancheri, R.; Blair, EM.; Blau, N.; Bonthron, DT.; Briggs, T.; Brueton, LA.; Brunner, HG.; Burke, CJ.; Carr, IM.; Carvalho, DR.; Chandler, KE.; Christen, HJ.; Corry, PC.; Cowan, FM.; Cox, H.; D'Arrigo, S.; Dean, J.; De Laet, C.; De Praeter, C.; Dery, C.; Ferrie, CD.; Flintoff, K.; Frints, SG. M.; Garcia-Cazorla, A.; Gener, B.; Goizet, C.; Goutieres, F.; Green, AJ.; Guet, A.; Hamel, BC. J.; Hayward, BE.; Heiberg, A.; Hennekam, RC.; Husson, M.; Jackson, AP.; Jayatunga, R.; Jiang, YH.; Kant, SG.; Kao, A.; King, MD.; Kingston, HM.; Klepper, J.; van der Knaap, MS.; Kornberg, AJ.; Kotzot, D.; Kratzer, W.; Lacombe, D.; Lagae, L.; Landrieu, PG.; Lanzi, G.; Leitch, A.; Lim, MJ.; Livingston, JH.; Lourenco, CM.; Lyall, EG. H.; Lynch, SA.; Lyons, MJ.; Marom, D.; McClure, JP.; McWilliam, R.; Melancon, SB.; Mewasingh, LD.; Moutard, ML.; Nischal, KK.; Ostergaard, JR.; Prendiville, J.; Rasmussen, M.; Rogers, RC.; Roland, D.; Rosser, EM.; Rostasy, K.; Roubertie, A.; Sanchis, A.; Schiffmann, R.; Scholl-Burgi, S.; Seal, S.; Shalev, SA.; Corcoles, CS.; Sinha, GP.; Soler, D.; Spiegel, R.; Stephenson, JB. P.; Tacke, U.; Tan, TY.; Till, M.; Tolmie, JL.; Tomlin, P.; Vagnarelli, F.; Valente, EM.; Van Coster, RN. A.; Van der Aa, N.; Vanderver, A.; Vles, JS. H.; Voit, T.; Wassmer, E.; Weschke, B.; Whiteford, ML.; Willemsen, MA. A.; Zankl, A.; Zuberi, SM.; Orcesi, S.; Fazzi, E.; Lebon, P.; Crow, YJ.: Clinical and molecular phenotype of Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome.
    AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS. 2007; 81(4); 713-725.
    PubMed: 17846997 doi: 10.1086/521373 IF: 12.629
  41. Richardson, MM.; Jonsson, JR.; Powell, EE.; Brunt, EM.; Neuschwander-Tetri, BA.; Bhathal, PS.; Dixon, JB.; Weltman, MD.; Tilg, H.; Moschen, AR.; Purdie, DM.; Demetris, AJ.; Clouston, AD.: Progressive fibrosis in nonalcoholic steato hepatitis: Association with altered regeneration and a ductular reaction.
    GASTROENTEROLOGY. 2007; 133(1); 80-90.
    PubMed: 17631134 doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2007.05.012 IF: 12.457
  42. Sandilands, A.; Terron-Kwiatkowski, A.; Hull, PR.; O'Regan, GM.; Clayton, TH.; Watson, RM.; Carrick, T.; Evans, AT.; Liao, HH.; Zhao, YW.; Campbell, LE.; Schmuth, M.; Gruber, R.; Janecke, AR.; Elias, PM.; van Steensel, MA. M.; Nagtzaam, I.; van Geel, M.; Steijlen, PM.; Munro, CS.; Bradley, DG.; Palmer, CN. A.; Smith, FJ. D.; McLean, WH. I.; Irvine, AD.: Comprehensive analysis of the gene encoding filaggrin uncovers prevalent and rare mutations in ichthyosis vulgaris and atopic eczema.
    NATURE GENETICS. 2007; 39(5); 650-654.
    PubMed: 17417636 doi: 10.1038/ng2020 IF: 24.176
  43. Schmees, C.; Prinz, C.; Treptau, T.; Rad, R.; Hengst, L.; Voland, P.; Bauer, S.; Brenner, L.; Schmid, RM.; Gerhard, M.: Inhibition of T-cell proliferation by Helicobacter pylori gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase.
    GASTROENTEROLOGY. 2007; 132(5); 1820-1833.
    PubMed: 17484877 doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2007.02.031 IF: 12.457
  44. Smith, RJ. H.; Alexander, J.; Barlow, PN.; Botto, M.; Cassavant, TL.; Cook, HT.; de Cordoba, SR.; Hageman, GS.; Jokiranta, TS.; Kimberling, WJ.; Lambris, JD.; Lanning, LD.; Levidiotis, V.; Licht, C.; Lutz, HU.; Meri, S.; Pickering, MC.; Quigg, RJ.; Rops, AL.; Salant, DJ.; Sethi, S.; Thurman, JM.; Tully, HF.; Tully, SP.; van der Vlag, J.; Walker, PD.; Wurzner, R.; Zipfel, PF.; Dense Deposit Dis Focus Grp.: New approaches to the treatment of dense deposit disease.
    PubMed: 17675665 doi: 10.1681/ASN.2007030356 IF: 7.371
  45. Spierings, E.; Hendriks, M.; Absi, L.; Canossi, A.; Chhaya, S.; Crowley, J.; Dolstra, H.; Eliaou, JF.; Ellis, T.; Enczmann, J.; Fasano, ME.; Gervais, T.; Gorodezky, C.; Kircher, B.; Laurin, D.; Leffell, MS.; Loiseau, P.; Malkki, M.; Markiewicz, M.; Martinetti, M.; Maruya, E.; Mehra, N.; Oguz, F.; Oudshoorn, M.; Pereira, N.; Rani, R.; Sergeant, R.; Thomson, J.; Tran, TH.; Turpeinen, H.; Yang, KL.; Zunec, R.; Carrington, M.; de Knijff, P.; Goulmy, E.: Phenotype frequencies of autosomal minor histocompatibility antigens display significant differences among populations.
    PLOS GENETICS. 2007; 3(6); 1108-1119.
    IF: 7.671
  46. Stasyk, T.; Schiefermeier, N.; Skvortsov, S.; Zwierzina, H.; Peranen, J.; Bonn, GK.; Huber, LA.: Identification of endosomal epidermal growth factor receptor signaling targets by functional organelle proteomics.
    MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS. 2007; 6(5); 908-922.
    PubMed: 17293594 doi: 10.1074/mcp.M600463-MCP200 IF: 9.62
  47. Tauber, E.; Kollaritsch, H.; Korinek, M.; Rendi-Wagner, P.; Jilma, B.; Firbas, C.; Schranz, S.; Jong, E.; Klingler, A.; Dewasthaly, S.; Klade, CS.: Safety and immunogenicity of a Vero-cell-derived,inactivated Japanese encephalitis vaccine: a non-inferiority, phase III, randomised controlled trial.
    LANCET. 2007; 370(9602); 1847-1853.
    PubMed: 18061060 IF: 25.8
  48. Tuluc, P.; Kern, G.; Obermair, GJ.; Flucher, BE.: Computer modeling of siRNA knockdown effects indicates an essential role of the Ca2+ channel alpha(2)delta-1 subunit in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling.
    PubMed: 17563358 doi: 10.1073/pnas.0700577104 IF: 9.643
  49. Widschwendter, M.; Fiegl, H.; Egle, D.; Mueller-Holzner, E.; Spizzo, G.; Marth, C.; Weisenberger, DJ.; Campan, M.; Young, J.; Jacobs, I.; Laird, PW.: Epigenetic stem cell signature in cancer.
    NATURE GENETICS. 2007; 39(2); 157-158.
    PubMed: 17200673 doi: 10.1038/ng1941 IF: 24.176
  50. Wixler, V.; Hirner, S.; Muller, JM.; Gullotti, L.; Will, C.; Kirfel, J.; Gunther, T.; Schneider, H.; Bosserhoff, A.; Schorle, H.; Park, J.; Schule, R.; Buettner, R.: Deficiency in the LIM-only protein Fhl2 impairs skin wound healing.
    JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY. 2007; 177(1); 163-172.
    PubMed: 17420295 doi: 10.1083/jcb.200606043 IF: 10.152

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