Abteilung für experimentelle Orthopädie

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Lab




Dr. Firas Awaja

Senior Scientist  -  Group Leader

Email: firas.awaja(at)i-med.ac.at






Dr. Mariangela Fedel

Post-doc Researcher

Email: mariangela.fedel(at)i-med.ac.at

Phone: +43(0)512 9003 - 71688




The  aim of the lab will be largely to provide knowledge on biomaterials and tissue engineering for clinical therapies both on academic and industrial level. The lab also will provide services to other departments in the MU Innsbruck and the wider scientific community through the technologies and instruments/equipment utilization.



Research interests and projects


Biomaterials are substances either manufactured or modified to interact and guide cellular or tissue processes towards therapy or medical intervention. In particular interest for this lab is to develop materials technology and characterizations facility that serves as a platform for therapies ranging from orthopedic, trauma, cardiovascular,   metabolic and neurondegenerative applications. The lab will be strong in molecular and mechanical surface analysis in addition to synthesis and chemical manipulations.  Materials tomography (AFM) and surface mechanical and potential properties will be utilized both for academic purposes and as a service to other research groups within the University and beyond. Micro tomography and 3D design of scaffolds and structures will also be employed.