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Public Health

The aim of Public Health is to reduce health-related suffering, disease, disability and premature death in the population. Public Health is a system of professions and scientific, disciplines, social organizations and institutions, values ​​and actions and based on four pillars:

Promote policies, programs, services and efforts to work together to protect, promote and restore people's health and its determinants
Scientific efforts to positively influence health determinants and therefore prevent disease and disability, prolong life and promote health
Measurement and analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators
Cooperation of institutions and organizations that plan, develop, fund, implement and evaluate activities and efforts of public health. Public Health is an integral part of local, regional, national, and international systems of public health.

Public Health takes cares of what we eat, drink, the air we breathe, how we work, move and live together. This will require coordination of economic, ecologically, medical, environmental, social, educational and other strategies (adapted from M. Porta, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 6th Edition, Oxford 2014, International Epidemiological Association).

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