Department for Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity

The goal of the Department for Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity is to strengthen the gender perspective in research and teaching at the Medical University of Innsbruck. In questions and issues concerning gender-specific research and equality we are a service point for students, graduates, staff and teachers at the Medical University. We support research teams by providing tools and methods for integrating a gender-specific perspective and the compulsory Gender Mainstreaming Strategy into research applications and scientific publications.

In more than one sense of the word, gender is a relevant category in medical research and teaching as well as for providing equal opportunities. This concerns access to health services as well as the personnel level in the organization.


Since 2006, an interdisciplinary lecture series “Gender Medicine: Gender Research in Medicine,” that is presented by internationally renowned experts, has been offered. The lecture series is open to the public.


Gender Medizin an der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck: grafische Übersicht

Further information:

What is Gender Medicine?

Compulsory Courses in Gender Medicine
            Human and Dental Medicine 
            Molecular Medicine
            PhD Programs

Optional Courses in Gender Medicine and Diversity
            Ring Lecture Series

Gender Mainstreaming Tools
         Gender Monitoring Tool
                 Affirmative Action for Research
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                      The Gender-Sensitive Research Cycle
                      Gender Mainstreaming at the Personnel Level