Equal Opportunity for Women and Diversity

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The Medical University of Innsbruck recognizes equal opportunity and diversity. It promotes diversity, in that it enhances the visibility of underrepresented groups and takes steps to provide the best possible support for persons according to their circumstances. In the truest sense of a discrimination-free university culture researchers, teachers, students and all staff as well as patients should be recognized in the full range of their diversity. Icons for the subjects ‘Female Scientists – Female Leadership” and ‘Diversity’ are one of the building blocks for this purpose. These icons are available for your use and can be downloaded on this page.

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Please feel free to use the icons, but they must not be modified or changed in any manner. Please make reference to our home page as the source.© Julia Solerti, büro54, Rights of Use held by the Medical University of Innsbruck

Female Scientists – Female Leadership
Diversity at the Medical University
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What persons have to say about the icons

Icons: Female Scientists – Female Leadership

Female icons – for female medical doctors and female scientists – can’t be found on the Internet. A young female scientist at our university found this out when she wanted to add a few general-interest illustrations to a presentation. The businesswoman in a suit, the male figures – none of that was quite right…
We picked up on our young colleague’s remarks and together with büro54 we developed nine female figures from the fields of medical doctor, scientist, teaching and research:

Scientist – medical doctor – mentoring partnership – lecturer/teacher – committee spokeswoman – team leader – mixed-sex project team – career ladder – woman receiving an award

You can download these icons here for use in your CV, presentations and illustrations!

You can mark each icon individually and then download it with a right mouse click, or you can save all the icons together as a zip-file The zip file contains all the icons as pdf and jpg files.

Diversity at the Medical University of Innsbruck

Origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion and financial status are diversity categories that can affect health and illness, as well as professional careers. The university ensures that they are seen, recognized and integrated with the goal of providing equal opportunity in research, teaching and personal development. A first step in this process is to make diversity visible.




Display networks: Icons as stickers

Here you will find all icons on this page for graphical representation in networks, and the thematic group representations: Download (jpg, png, svg, pdf format)


What persons have to say about the icons

„Icons are an important tool for transporting information. It is necessary to show that nowadays a team does not consist solely of men and that a certain diversity is recognizable.“
Michaela Lackner, Associate Professor for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology

„For me the icons are one puzzle piece in our efforts to make women visible, especially, of course, in university life. We often overlook the importance of these so-called ‘little things’, and their importance and effect should not be underestimated.“
Professor for Gender Medicine

„With these icons we want to make a contribution toward making women visible at the universities and in science.“
Wolfgang Fleischhacker, President

„Well, my favorite icon is the scientist looking through the microscope. Why? Because she looks so concentrated and confident – a good alternative to the silly pictures of career women holding a briefcase and climbing stairs in high heels."
Micaela Zirngibl, ARIADNEmed Mentoring-Programm,
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg