Back to Work Campaign

The goal of the Back to Work Campaign is to ensure that you don’t have to make an either/or decision between your job and career and your family and children. Instead, we’ll help you manage both.

The Medical University of Innsbruck, at the initiative of Margarethe Hochleitner, is taking a step to improve the work-life balance for medical university staff that is unique in Austria.

Financial and organizational benefits

This back to work model is intended to provide organizational and financial assistance in taking the challenge of returning to work after maternity or paternity leave, so that childcare is one less concern when you resume your job duties.

Assistance in searching for and finding a childcare place in a high-quality crèche or with a day nanny near your home or workplace.

The monthly costs for your child’s childcare place (exclusive of food, registration fee, etc.) or for your child to be cared for by a day nanny (the day nanny must be officially registered with a carrier) from the time you return to work until your child’s third birthday. We will work out the financial details directly with the childcare facility.

All beneficiaries must pay a co-pay of € 50.00 per child per month for the Back to Work Campaign.

Register your child early

You must register your child with the Office for Childcare early enough before you plan to return to work in order to be sure that a place in a crèche or with a day nanny can be found that is optimal for you and your child.

The prerequisites for participating in the campaign “BACK TO WORK after MATERNITY OR PATERNITY LEAVE” are a valid employment contract with the Medical University of Innsbruck before and after maternity or paternity leave, compliance with the guidelines and approval of your request by Karin Obwexer-Specht.

Please send the completed and signed request along with the name of your child and confirmation that the child‘s second parent is not on maternity or paternity leave (confirmation issued by the second parent’s employer or that parent’s pay slip (Lohnzettel)) to the Office for Childcare.

Agreement "Marginal employment during maternity or paternity leave according to the Austrian Maternity Protection Act"

Alongside your maternity or paternity leave the Austrian Maternity Protection Act allows you to continue to work for the Medical University of Innsbruck under the title of marginal employment. During their maternity or paternity leave employees can continue to maintain contact with their workplace in a department or clinic as marginal employment (approx. four hours per week), for example to complete scientific work. They can also enjoy the institution’s facilities or attend events. In these cases, the marginal employment is authorized in addition to a person hired to fill your regular job. In this way, staff continue to be integrated in the work process. This, together with the childcare project, is designed to help you return to work.

Marginal employment during maternity or paternity leave under the Austrian Maternity Protection Act falls under the auspices of the Personnel Department (

PDF – Guidelines: Back to Work Campaign (german)
PDF – Request Form: Back to Work Campaign (german)

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