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The conversation series “Women.Career.Medicine” – Careers of women in the field of Medicine in the framework of the Helene Wastl Medical Mentoring-Program was for the first time offered in the winter term 2007/2008. The objective of this series of lectures is to introduce successful examples at the MUI and to show different life models and career paths. Careers of women in the field of medicine shall become “perceptible” by reference to personal testimonials. Successful women in leading positions introducing themselves and their career in this informal atmosphere shall serve as role model, inspire and encourage to strive for a career in the field of Medicine, because most of these women had to fight resistance or overcome difficulties.

Of course, there is no magic formula or patent remedy on the way to success, but self-confidence, self-assertion and the experiences of other women can help to overcome obstacles.

  • Motivation through successful female examples – “role models” – tips & tricks, personal “best-practices”
  • Gain insights in the respective professional career, personal experiences and which lessons were thereby learnt  
  • Encourage – show completely different career paths and life models

After an impulse presentation of the respective female speaker, there is enough time for your questions, discussion & networking!

In order to increase the visibility of women in the field of Medicine at the MUI, this page was newly designed and implemented by the department of Women’s Empowerment & Mentoring in 2012 on behalf of the then female Vice-rector for Staff, Staff development and Equality of the MUI, and designated female rector of the MUI, med. univ. Helga Fritsch.

Under Women at the MUI you can find all female professors of the MUI!


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