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Within the scope of the offers for advanced training offered under the title „Information & Training“, career relevant key competences and soft skills are conveyed and trained in in-house seminars, workshops, information and discussion events etc., which are especially indispensable for an academic career, but are not integrated in the curriculum of the subject-specific education.

The individual elements of the program module “Information & Training” as well as networking always serve both, the transfer of career relevant knowledge and necessary soft skills and the strengthened networking and the empowerment of all participants and especially of women in the field of the clinical medical sciences.

The comprehensive interdisciplinary seminar and advanced training program with regard to gender and diversity aspects was purposefully designed to support the career development and is continually extended and developed further depending on the current requirements.

Moreover, the career program contains different platforms for the interdisciplinary, horizontal & vertical networking of physicians and scientists.

Target group of the interdisciplinary advanced courses that are offered in-house are physicians & scientists – and here especially the junior scientists – at the Medical University of Innsbruck.

The career program for female mentees in the Helene Wastl Medical Mentoring program, as part of the offers from career promotion, personal development & networking, offers selected advanced training courses exclusively for this group.

A specific networking offer for the female participants of the mentoring program, female mentors and female mentees is offered in form of the association of the Helene Wastl (Alumni) Club.
The objective thereby is to sustainably foster the emerged networks of all previous female participants of the individual cohorts and to use the Helene Wastl (Alumni) Club also as a pool of female experts.

In the annual program, you can find the latest offers with details concerning the contents, dates and registration formalities!


Mag.a rer.soc.oec. Claudia Beyer | DW 71856

REGISTRATION: If you are interested in participating in a seminar, I would kindly ask you for a binding registration by email to me.

Please consider the following conditions for registration and binding participation!

COMMITMENT – Conditions for registration and participation

Conception and implementation of the well-established, high-quality advanced training offers in the field of career promotion, personal development & networking for female and male physicians & female and male scientists as well as for junior scientists are explicitly focused on guaranteeing high quality and specific benefit.

Due to the contents that are intensively filled with exercises and interactive didactics that yield to individual questions, seminars and workshops can be exclusively implemented in groups of a maximum of 8 to 12 female and male participants and only completed after a binding registration.

The places in the seminar are allocated after receipt of the registration and the allocation of a place in the seminar is binding after confirmation by our reply email.

With the registration, interested people undertake to participate on all dates of the respective course. We kindly request to attend punctually.

The participation in the target-group-specific advanced training courses is free of charge for female and male scientific employees of the Medical University of Innsbruck!

The possibility of participation in the program offers for career promotion, personal development & networking shall be directly arranged with the female or male superior of the respective organization unit or, respectively, with the clinic.

Cancellation conditions

As the number of female and male participants is strictly restricted due to contentwise and didactical reasons and since a replacement can mostly not be activated anymore in the case of a cancellation on short notice, coveted places in seminars expire which is neither cost nor benefit efficient.

In order that as many people as interested in the seminars can participate, we attribute great importance to the binding nature of registration and the commitment to participation!

In the case of an inability to attend, it is necessary to cancel within due time in written form! You are welcome to name a person that replaces you. In terms of an efficient budget administration, we kindly ask you to understand that persons who cancel their participation several times on short notice or, respectively, without justification despite binding registration or who fail to appear for a course without presenting a valid excuse, can be excluded from the gratuitous participation in advanced training offers or treated subordinately.

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