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An especially important aspect, the networking of the female mentees in peer mentoring, their mutual support and exchange of experiences, is purposefully promoted with the offer of the Helene Wastl Club. In the joint work during the mentoring year, relationship systems are built and new accesses to career promoting networks are achieved. Furthermore, the intense examination of the own role in the medical scientific field delivers important strengthening impulses in terms of (self) empowerment.

Education and (professional) competence alone are not enough for the professional progress. Proactive networking, building and maintaining personal contacts and positive examples – “role models” – as well as direct promotion through superiors can help to precociously set the course for a successful scientific career in the field of Medicine in an efficient way.

By purposefully showing the successful (female) examples or, respectively role models and by supporting contact and cooperation opportunities the building of women specific relationship systems in the field of Medicine shall be promoted and thereby the transfer of (implicated) experience-based knowledge, exchange and reflection shall be facilitated and accelerated.

The Helene Wastl (Alumni) Club, which has been successively built-up since the end of 2006 and has currently already more than 249 highly competent female physicians and female scientists under its umbrella, has the objective to carry on and sustainably maintain the developed networks of all previous female participants of the Helene Wastl Medical Mentoring program – female mentors and mentees – and to use it as a female expert pool.  [As at: July 21, 2022]

Overview of the subject-specific network in the HWC

Operational Medicine

Internal Medicine I-V

Radiology and Neuroradiology

Children and Adolescent Medicine: Pediatrics I-III

-Visceral, Transplantation and Thoracic surgery

- Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

- Trauma surgery and orthopedics

- Urology

- Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

- Ophthalmology


Ear, nose and throat medicine and Hearing, voice and speech disorders





Hygiene, Microbiology and Public Health | Virology







Psychotherapy and








Physiology and Medical Physics

- Neuro-biochemistry

- Development immunology

- Molecular biology

- …

Neurology and


Anatomy, Histology,

Embryology | Neuroanatomy


Medical Genetics, Molecular and

Clinical Pharmacology





Joint Establishment for Gender Medicine

Nuclear medicine


Medical Statistics, Informatics

and Health economics


Forensic medicine

Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology

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