Conversation series: Knowledge.compact

The conversation series “Knowledge compact“, information and discussion events on career relevant, subject-specific or interdisciplinary topics at the MUI is part of the offers for career promotion, networking and personal development under the umbrella of the Helene Wastl Medical Mentoring-Program for all interested female and male physicians and female and male (junior) scientists of the Medical University of Innsbruck.

Objective of the conversation series, format & target group

Profound compact information regarding relevant topics in the area of the university medicine are conveyed in the form of a subject-specific input lasting about 45 minutes and a subsequent round of questions or, respectively, discussions. The total duration of the events depends on the discussion at the panel debate, however, lasts 2.5 hours at a maximum. The participation in the conversation series “Knowledge compact” as well as in “Career talks” is - besides to female and male physicians and female and male scientists - also open to female and male students of the Medical University of Innsbruck and all persons interested.

Previous topics:

  • Knowledge.compact: Basic knowledge habilitation
  • Knowledge.compact: Basic knowledge A2 Career positions. All you need to know about career planning at the MUI
  • Knowledge.compact: Basic knowledge Raising external funds
  • Knowledge.compact: Female/Male specialist – what happens now?
  • Knowledge.compact: Mentoring, Gender Equality & Organisational Culture Change – The 'Bifocal Approach'. Linking Individual Development to Organisational Change

Further information:

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