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Information on how to obtain the signature of the Research Institution on FWF proposals (ad personam)
Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19, we try to minimize personal contacts as much as possible. Therefore, we adapted the procedure to obtain the signature of the Vice president for research and international relations (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christine Bandtlow) as follows:
Please send all the necessary documents via E-Mail to (indicate in the subject signature for FWF proposal). After being signed the proposals will be returned via our internal post service.
Please note that at the moment it is possible to return a scanned copy of the signed cover sheet to the FWF (only ad personamprogrammes), The original cover sheet can be sent by regular post later on, but should arrive in Vienna (FWF) before the date of the respective Board meeting deciding on the proposal.
All relevant information about new procedures /changes due to Covid-19 can be found under:

COVID-19 – Information for the FFG programs
Deadlines for the FFG programs are constantly updated.Information on legal issues (e.g. to what extent the provisions of the Horizon 2020 funding agreement on force majeure apply to ongoing projects and how to proceed) can be found here:
You can find an overview of the FFG's funding offer here:
The FFG has installed a corona information page, the following measures are taken:
The customer advisory service works by telephone, electronically or via remote meeting.
The assessment of the research bonus is fully digital, there are no restrictions.
Advisory board and jury meetings are conducted digitally as planned
We are working on the electronic signing of contracts.
Focus on the liquidity of our customers: Funding installments are paid out quickly.
On-site audits are handled by sending documents or carried out remotely, if this is possible for the funding recipient.
Deadlines for the submission of tenders are extended if necessary.
We process our clients' requests for extension of deadlines, deferral of loan repayments, etc. with the greatest flexibility.
Reminders e.g. for the return of subsidy contracts or reports are suspended.
Promotion of internships: we act flexibly in case of interruptions or deadlines. 

Information from the European Commission regarding possible effects of the Corona Virus as case of ‘force majeur’ for H2020 projects:
Especially regarding cancellation costs please take note, that - in case the responsible Work Package Leader has approved your participation in a meeting that has to be cancelled due to the latest developments - respective direct costs can be reported within the next Periodic Financial Report (if they correspond to the National funding rules for travel and subsistence, of course).
You can find more detailed information following this link:

Commission launches new website on COVID-19-Research      
The European Commission recently launched a new website, which gathers information on research projects and initiatives to tackle the spread of coronavirus and preparedness for other outbreaks.
The first section describes actions which were set up to deal with the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus, e.g. the call ‚Advancing knowledge for the clinical and public health response to the [COVID-19] epidemic' with a budget of €47.5 million and the IMI call for proposals. The second section informs on EU investments into research to prepare for this type of public health emergency as well as setting emergency research funding mechanisms. The website can be accessed here:

New Research Executive Agency (REA) information page about COVID-19 outbreak postponing of H2020 calls
On this webpage, the REA informs about the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on EU research calls for proposals:

FAQ webpage H2020
The EU Commission published a webpage with frequently asked questions about the situation of active participants in H2020 project. You will find this page which is updated permanently under this link:;type=1;programme=H2020;keyword=COVID-19%20outbreak

Implementing MSCA Projects in the Light of COVID-19 - FAQs Updated
It is only four weeks ago since we sent the last issue on European Funding and Policy Support for Research Careers. It was the beginning of a time with many questions coming up on how to continue with ongoing projects in view of the lockdown due to COVID-19, in particular in MSCA, a scheme that supports research projects with the requirement to move to another country. Meanwhile, the European Commission has added several answers related to MSCA and COVID-19 to its FAQ-section on the Funding and Tenders Opportunities Portal. In addition, the EC published an answer to a petition launched by MSCA fellows regarding paid extensions of MSCA IF projects. In essence, the options for ongoing IF projects remain the same as communicated so far, which means: maximum flexibility when it comes to shifting tasks around, telework/working remotely etc. (see also the dedicated answer in the FAQ section for Global fellowships). However, a real prolongation in the actual sense is not possible. Instead, the options to implement an IF project part-time or suspend it and resume it at a later stage are mentioned. Read the full answer here.

Fundings organized by Land Tyrol / Standortagentur (SAT)
TWF: there are no options for an extension of the reportig deadlines or any changes of the accounting modalities. Concerning a cost-neutral extension of projects the existing rules have not been changed
K-Regio (SAT): the reporting deadlines can be changed after consulting with Standortagentur, for the financial reports scans of the accounting documents are sufficient. Cost-neutral project extensions can be approved in justified exceptional cases.
Other funding schemes of the provincial government of the Tyrol: changes of  reporting deadlines and cost-neutral project extensions can be approved by individual case-by-case arrangements. The accounting modalities cannot be changed.

Further information:

BBMRI-ERIC responds to the coronavirus pandemic
Further information:

Fast Response Service – COVID-19 Research
BBMRI, ECRIN and EATRIS join forces to offer COVID-19 Fast Response Service
Further information:

European COVID-19 Data Platform
The aim of the COVID-19 Data Portal is to facilitate data sharing and analysis, and to accelerate coronavirus research.
Further information:

Virtual Brokerage-Platform “Care & Industry together against CORONA”
Registration Deadline: 31 December 2021
The aim is the exchange of knowledge and the interaction between healthcare, industry, support organisations, government, academia and others.
Further information:


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