Research Output Documentation

Forschungsleistungsdokumentation (FLD)

All publications in scientific journals from PubMed and WoS (ISI Web of Science; SCI/SSCI) since 1997 and books and book contributions of the Medical University of Innsbruck since 2001 are stored in the Research Output Documentation (FLD). Furthermore, the projects according to §§ 26 and 27 of university law are included in the FLD. It therefore represents the basis for calculation of the performance-based allocation of funds (LOM) for the area of research.

In addition to publication output and projects (module PDO), the FLD is also used to collect data for the “knowledge base” in accordance with the knowledge base regulation. XML data and Word files are then generated from the FLD for reporting.

The MyFLD module entered the productive phase in 2007.
After login by means of the q-account, publications can be found and third-party funded projects about yourself can be found there from the FLD. Since 2011 aggregated information has also been available under the title “Performance Monitoring”, which should allow better assessment of own publication output in comparison with other academic staff.

At the beginning of 2011, the OrgFLD module was published. In this module, clinical and theoretical leaders can access the data about their organisational units in the FLD. These include publication lists in various formats and with a variety of sorting, information about externally funded projects, bibliometric evaluations and the results from LOM. Registration is again completed with the q-account.

OrgFLD access authorisation:
Form – For leaders to grant access rights to third parties.

GAR – Grants, Applications, Reviews
Since 2007, funding and scholarship programmes as well as academic prizes awarded at the Medical University of Innsbruck have been processed online in an additional module of the FLD, called “GAR – Grants, Applications, Reviews”.

Evaluation from the research output documentation
Excellent publications by impact factor since 1997 (on the intranet)