Division für Zellbiologie



Lise Meitner Programm

The organelle proteome of p14-/- macrophage cells

The endocytic pathway is involved in a large variety of cellular processes such as the uptake of nutrients, the biological response to extracellular stimuli through regulation of receptor recycling or degradation and the antigen presentation in the immune response. In the context of the innate immunity, the phagocytic activity of macrophages is fundamental for the defence against pathogenic microbe and requires the close more...

FWF START Programm

Regulation of ESCRT mediated cell surface remodeling

Adaptation is a central concept of biology. Cells use an array of different receptors at their surface to sense their natural surrounding. Hence, the specific removal and downregulation of receptors from the surface essentially determines how cells adapt to their environment. A key step of receptor downregulation occurs on endosomes, where more...

EMBO Long-Term Fellowship

Identification and characterization of an endosomal ʻmembrane stress responseʼ pathway

The accumulation of aberrant proteins leads to severe cellular defects that are frequently associated with cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Quality control mechanisms exist to detect proteotoxic stress and initiate specific stress responses, some of which are relatively well understood (e.g. unfolded protein response). Little is known how more...



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